Splunk Dials In Data With Twilio: Using Call and SMS Tracking To Measure Success

“Time kills all deals.” We’ve all heard the expression. It’s folksy. It’s colloquial. But, it’s not quite actionable. How do you correct your time-wasting mistakes if you don’t know you’re making them? There’s a simple answer that also happens to be a favorite saying of Developer Evangelist Rob Spectre — look at the data. Splunk helps companies organize and synthesise data of all sorts so they… Read More

The Definitive Guide to SMS Conversation Tracking

SMS is a fantastic way to let your customers easily communicate with your company or each other. It’s a familiar medium that’s a native part of virtually every mobile phone and allows both one-way and bi-directional communication. However, whether you are building the next WhatsApp or an SMS-based workforce automation system, apps that require multiple messages to flow between your application and a user means you’re… Read More

Windows Azure Contest: Triage.me and 10g.io Take Top Prizes

In July, Windows Azure launched with a fresh new look and awesome features. To celebrate, we teamed up to host a developer contest asking you to build something great. The submissions were incredible with great products and apps showcasing Twilio capabilities hosted on the Windows Azure cloud. After much deliberation, we picked the first place and runner up for the contest with Triage.me taking home the… Read More