TurboVote Aims to Make Voting Easy for Everyone

Voter turnout is always a challenge for the United States. Typical turnout is 50% for presidential elections, 40% for mid-term elections and only 10% in local, special and primary elections. One state, Oregon, changed its voting system to increase participation by switching to a vote-by-mail for every election. This way residents aren’t limited by a certain day, time or location to let their vote be heard. Many… Read More

How To Create a Simple SMS Voting System Using PHP

 You can find an updated, 5 part tutorial showing you how to build a Twilio Powered SMS Voting System here SMS voting systems are incredibly useful at larger events where you want to poll the attendees, but don’t want to limit yourself to only those with smartphones. Using Twilio’s SMS API, you can create a simple voting system in just a few minutes. Prerequisites Before you… Read More