Announcing SMPP Interface for global SMS

Announcing SMPP Interface for sending global SMS

We are very excited today to announce a newly available SMPP Interface to Programmable SMS. SMPP is the underlying telecommunication protocol used by carriers to send and receive text messages. Now you can connect your existing SMPP client (ESME) to Twilio to take advantage of our global SMS reach, instant phone number provisioning, and robust operational tools.   Programmable SMS, via SMPP Since 2010, Twilio has… Read More

Some Of Our Favorite Product Hunt Hacks


The Best Of Product Hunt If you’re having builder’s block – a developer’s version of writer’s block – just look at Product Hunt. You might see a dev who built an anti-app that lets you summon almost anything you want (including helicopters) via text. You might see an AI-based lawyer app. We see developers who are consistently shipping ideas that demonstrate their creativity and commitment to… Read More

Send A Job Builds Communication Context For The Field Service Industry


Erez Marom and Idan Kadosh’s success running a locksmith business led them to found a field service management & communication software company, Send A Job. It’s an unlikely career arc that Erez and Idan themselves  couldn’t have predicted. The knowledge they  gained from years of being out in the field helped them  craft software that makes life easier for companies, customers, and contractors alike. And it… Read More

Building Daily SMS News Notifications with NodeJS


First they showed you how to build SMS weather alerts in Node, now the boys from Stamplay are back showing you how to build a daily SMS news service, of course, in Node. Stamplay helps automate development steps that you’d have to otherwise have to code. Let’s dive into the tutorial, the code, and all that code you’re saved from writing. Read the original post right… Read More

Breaking Through Bottlenecks: How Lyft Scaled To Success [SIGNAL Rewind]


Lyft has scaled rapidly to say the least. They’re valued at over two-billion, and recently raised a billion dollars, with 500 million of that coming from General Motors. If you used Lyft back in 2013, you might have had trouble getting a Lyft on a Friday night. They didn’t have enough people driving with Lyft then. This is the struggle of a two-sided marketplace – you… Read More