Using Twilio for E-commerce with Order Status, Payments, & Support

Last week we challenged Twilio developers to use our telephony API to build applications that support online commerce.  Evan wrote up a list of uses for Twilio in e-commerce as a jumping off point to get the creative juices flowing, and we were impressed to see each one implemented in at least one of the two applications we’ve selected as this week’s winners. Its exciting to… Read More

Happy Friday, Happy Customers

After signing up for a Twilio account, new users receive a series of emails from us introducing them to what Twilio is all about, providing resources to help developers get started, and making suggestions for becoming a part of our thriving developer community. Even though these emails are automatically generated, I’m always happily surprised to see responses, and this morning my day was made when Dennis… Read More Uses Twilio to Power Credit Card Validaton and Customer Support

If you’re like me, expense reports are a hassle and a frustration. Saving receipts? Reviewing credit card statements line by line? Waiting to get reimbursed? I get stressed out just thinking about it, and even more stressed about what will happen if I don’t get it done. Expense Reports in the Cloud Fortunately any source of great frustration is an opportunity for an entrepreneur, and thank… Read More