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Swift posts

  • By Kelley Robinson
    Tester son App iOS sur un Vrai Téléphone tester-app-ios-vrai-telephone

    Le simulateur iOS de XCode est très pratique la plupart du temps, mais dans certains cas il n’est pas possible d’y tester certaines fonctionnalités

    Si vous voulez tester le fonctionnement de votre application avec l'appareil photo du téléphone ou envoyer un SMS à partir de votre application, vous devrez tester et déboguer votre application avec un vrai device.

    Cet article  vous explique comment tester vos applications en cours de développement directement sur votre iPhone ou autre appareil iOS et vous expliquera comment corriger certaines erreurs courantes que vous rencontrerez probablement en cours de route.

    Comment sélectionner votre iPhone comme appareil "Simulateur"

    “Simulateur” est entre guillemets ici car en fait on va créer une vraie application sur votre téléphone ; ce n'est plus une simulation.

    Ouvrez un projet dans Xcode et cliquez sur l'appareil près du bouton ▶ en haut à gauche de votre écran Xcode.
    localisation de l'appareil dans xcode

    Branchez votre iPhone sur votre …

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  • By Luís Leão
    Como Testar Seu Aplicativo iOS em um Aparelho de Verdade Como Testar Seu Aplicativo iOS em um Aparelho de Verdade

    Existem algumas funcionalidades de aplicativos iOS que não funcionam no simulador iOS. Talvez você queira testar como seu aplicativo se comporta com a câmera ou enviar uma mensagem SMS da aplicação. Para esses exemplos e muitos outros outros, você vai precisar testar e debugar sua aplicação usando um aparelho real.

    Como selecionar seu iPhone como o Aparelho “de Simulação”

    Simulação está em aspas aqui já que vamos criar um aplicativo real em seu celular; não se trata mais de uma simulação. Abra um projeto no Xcode e clique no dispositivo próximo do botão de Run ▶ no canto superior esquerdo da tela do Xcode.

    Área de escolha do emulador ou aparelho

    Plugue seu iPhone no seu computador. Você poderá selecionar o aparelho no topo da l …

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  • By Aaron Alaniz
    Implementa tu Propia Aplicación de Vídeo Conferencia en Menos de Cinco Minutos programmable-video-translate-conference

    Nos complace anunciar que hemos creado tres aplicaciones de vídeo conferencia en código abierto, una para iOS, otra para Android y una tercera en ReactJS para Web. Sea porque estás construyendo una solución de colaboración para salud, educación o en vídeo en general, estas aplicaciones pueden acelerar el desarrollo al proporcionar una base funcional implementada en la nube en minutos. Además, pueden actuar de referencia para todo desarrollador que quiera mostrar las posibilidades que tiene el video programable. Las aplicaciones están disponibles en Github bajo licencia Apache 2.0:

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  • By Aaron Alaniz
    Deploy your own video collaboration app in five minutes or less Deploy your own video collaboration app in 5 minutes or less

    We've now released a newer version of the Video collaboration app – for the newest deploy instructions, follow this link.

    Today we are excited to announce that we are open sourcing three video collaboration applications, one for iOS, one for Android, and a ReactJS one for the Web. Whether you are building a healthcare, education, or general video collaboration solution, these apps can accelerate development by providing you with a fully functioning video app that can be deployed to the cloud in minutes. In addition, they provide a canonical reference for developers building out their communication solutions by showcasing the Programmable Video capabilities. These applications are available today on Github under the Apache 2.0 license:

    At Twilio we strive to build a reliable, extensible platform so that our customers can build high quality communication experiences in their applications. Our Video …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Call Twilio Functions from iOS in Swift callfuncsfromios.jpg

    There are many things you can do from iOS but sometimes, for example, you may need to make a web request to fetch information. With Twilio Functions you can focus on writing the code that matters without having to maintain a server. This tutorial will show you how to set up a Twilio Function that returns a Pokemon joke or two and then call that Function from an iOS application.



    Before you get started, you'll need

    • a Twilio account to create a Twilio Function 
    • Xcode installed to make a rudimentary iOS app to call the Function
    • A little JavaScript (for Twilio Functions) and Swift knowledge

    Make a Twilio Function 

    The Twilio Function in this tutorial will return a simple hard-coded Pikachu joke. To make that Function, from your Functions page, click the red "+" button to make a new Function.redplusfunc.png

    If this is your first Function, you'll click …

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  • By Aymen Naim
    Announcing General Availability of Twilio’s Programmable Voice Mobile SDKs 3.0 Programmable Voice iOS SDK

    With Twilio’s Programmable Voice SDKs for iOS and Android, you can easily build engaging and high quality voice calling experiences into your Apps. Whether it is calling a phone number (PSTN), another App user (VoIP), or your contact center, you can bring a contextual and secure calling experience to your users directly from your App.

    We are thrilled to announce that our latest version of Programmable Voice Mobile SDKs, 3.0, is now generally available. With 3.0, you can make your customer call experiences even more engaging: with improved audio quality, increased efficiency, and contextual calling. This release includes features such as support for Opus codec, call control functions, and custom parameters.

    We will walk you through the advantages of using Mobile VoIP with some common use cases, what new features rolled out with 3.0, and explain how to get started and/or migrate to Twilio Programmable Voice SDKs 3.0.

    Eager to …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Generate Songs with Markov Models using Server-Side Swift, Perfect, and Twilio SMS generate-music-with-swift-twilio

    I like music and coding and one way to make music with code is by predicting words and generating a new song. You can do this with Markov models, as introduced in this last Twilio blog post. Now let's learn how to train a model on a .txt file to generate a song and then generate another song or text via Twilio SMS with server-side Swift and Perfect.

    Set Up

    To code along with this post you should have the following:

    1. A Twilio account to buy a phone number
    2. ngrok, a tool for putting the app running on your local machine on the web
    3. Xcode

    First, make a new Single View project in Xcode and run pod init on the command line in the directory where your Xcode project exists to create a Podfile in order to install the Markov Model library via CocoaPods, as further …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Receive and Respond to Text Messages with Server-Side Swift, Perfect, and Twilio perfecttwilioswift.jpg

    Perfect is a versatile open source server-side Swift framework and toolset that makes it easy for developers to quickly create server- and client-side apps. Let's see how easy it is to send SMS with Twilio and Perfect.


    To follow along with this post we'll need

    Install Perfect using the Swift Package Manager. Create a new project directory called PerfectSMS and then on the command line in your project directory, run

    swift package init --type executable
    swift package generate-xcodeproj

    This generates a package with the same name as your current directory.

    1. Package.swift at the top-level of your project contains your package description and your package’s dependencies.
    2. Sources/ is home to all your Swift source files, including main.swift, which will be the entry point for your project. It currently prints hello, world to the Terminal.
    3. Tests/ will contain unit tests you can write …
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  • By Barney Waiganjo
    How to Add Keyframe Animations to iOS Apps in Swift 4 OibP_MhVytCwAouP1CsLwizQPWxk1cSLY46NM69XDz2GyYJ3ddBQOBfAzWu-i3dU-CAjYUO2AbG5dTSJL6ZjW9t2cVkD05fO8c4tbb5kTuLdYoTZi9r8NQy5V1svA1SzWwtm6Q81

    In the beautiful world of modern iOS applications, not much stands out more than well applied animations and transitions. They capture the user’s attention and set your app apart from the competition. If you’ve ever wished to add cool animations to your current or future projects but felt it was too challenging, this article is purposely meant to change your mind.

    Tools You’ll Need

    To be able to follow along with this tutorial, there are a couple of prerequisites before we start. You will need:

    • A Mac running the latest point release of macOS X Sierra or later.
    • Xcode 8 or later.
    • Basic knowledge of the Swift 4 language and Auto Layout.

    Getting Started

    Now that we have all that we’ll need, let’s find out what we’re going to be working on.
    I have already set up a small project for us to work on. You can download it …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Intro to Markov Models with Swift Rick Roll Cover Image

    Did you know PageRank, the algorithm Google uses to determine the order of search results, is a type of Markov chain? I first learned about Markov chains and Markov models in my Speech Synthesis and Recognition elective and was amazed at how they are used in speech recognition, music generation, and modeling sequential data to predict the outcome of a basketball game (or almost any competition.)

    What are Markov Chains and Markov Models?

    The most basic type of Markov model is a Markov chain, a model whose next state is only selected based on its current state. Markov chains are used in genetics, finance, economics, game theory, and other fields. An example of one would be predicting tomorrow's weather by looking only at today's weather, not yesterday's.

    weather prediction with a ball gif

    Wikipedia defines a Markov model like so: 

    In probability theory, a Markov model is a stochastic model used to model randomly changing …

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