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TaskRouter posts

  • By Pedro Lopes
    How to Build a REST API for a Real Estate Agency with Twilio TaskRouter, Java, and Spring Boot header - How to Build a REST API for a Real Estate Agency with Twilio TaskRouter, Java, and Spring Boot

    Many businesses use a routing system to delegate a task to the correct agent that will execute it. An example is a real estate agency. In this kind of business, each client has an economic profile, and so each one can be served by a different type of salesperson.

    The customer of a real estate agency is commonly called a lead. A lead is a potential buyer or renter of real estate. A lead with a high monthly income, and thus a high purchasing power, is better for the agency, and will be served by a more experienced salesperson. On the other hand, a lead with low purchasing power could be served by beginner or less experienced salespeople.

    In this post, I will show you how to create a REST API for a real estate agency. This API will receive and delegate leads to the respective salespeople. Creating this …

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  • By Adam King
    Building a Low-Code Flex Activity Monitor with Twilio Event Streams and Slack Building a Low-Code Flex Activity Monitor with Twilio Event Streams and Slack

    At Signal 2020, Twilio announced Event Streams - an API that allows developers to subscribe to a stream of interactions from Twilio in the form of well-defined Events. Since then, the team has been hard at work adding more and more event types from within the Twilio platform. Not only that, but Event Streams went into Public Beta in April 2021, adding a Webhook sink type on top of the AWS Kinesis sink type.

    The availability of Event Streams, and the many event types which can be streamed to your application, has opened up myriad opportunities to use Event data from Twilio in new and interesting ways.

    In this guide, we will create a Slack App which will post to a channel in Slack every time one of our Flex / TaskRouter workers changes their selected Activity status in Flex.

    To do this, we will be doing the following:

    1. Using …
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  • By Luís Leão
    Crear colas y habilidades para un Centro de contacto de Flex Crear colas y habilidades para un Centro de contacto de Flex

    Acaba de implementar Flex y es posible que se pregunte cómo seguir.

    A continuación, deberá comenzar a pensar en su estrategia de enrutamiento y de cola. En esta publicación de blog, analizaremos algunas opciones básicas para las colas y las habilidades (sienta las bases sobre cómo informará y analizará su negocio de centro de contacto).


    Lo que construiremos hoy

    Flex tiene la capacidad de aprovechar toda la potencia de Twilio TaskRouter. TaskRouter es un potente sistema de enrutamiento basado en atributos, el corazón del centro de contacto. También es totalmente programable, lo que le permite controlar su centro de contacto desde su código. Hoy veremos un caso de uso sencillo: “¿Cómo puedo configurar un centro de contacto para apoyar a mis clientes y empleados con Flex?”.

    Para ello, vamos a crear dos nuevas colas de tareas: Servicio de atención al cliente y servicio de atención al empleado …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    ACD vs IVR: What's the Difference Between Call Center ACD & IVR? ACD vs IVR: What's the Difference Between Call Center ACD and IVR

    If you've ever called a customer support team, there's a good chance that the call center used automatic call distribution (ACD) or an interactive voice response (IVR) system to make your call more efficient. These modern-day VoIP features route callers smoothly to the right extension, cutting down on wait times, transfers, and sometimes any human interaction at all.

    Call center ACD and IVR systems aren't the same—but they work magically together.

    TL;DR: ACD is a form of automatic call routing based on different factors, while IVR is an automated voice response menu that intelligently navigates callers through options.

    Want more details? Below, we'll walk through call center ACD vs. IVR to discuss the details, nuances, and benefits of these systems. Then, we'll show you how these two features can work in tandem to create the optimal customer experience for inbound callers.

    What Is Call Center ACD?

    In a perfect world, …

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  • By Maria Bermudez
    Intro to Infrastructure as Code with Twilio (Part 2) intro-to-iac-with-ci-cd.png

    In the first part of this series, we covered the basic principles of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and created and deployed our first script. In this part of the series, we will see how IaC can help with different phases of development.


    In order to follow along, you need:

    You also need the Twilio CLI Infra plugin. You can install it using the following command:

    $ twilio plugins:install twilio-infra-as-code/plugin-twilio-infra

    If you've previously installed the infra plugin, make sure you are using version 0.2.0 or greater. To check which version of the plugin you are running, use the following command:

    $ twilio …
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  • By Maria Bermudez
    Intro à l'infrastructure en tant que code - IaC - avec Twilio (Partie 2) Présentation de l'infrastructure en tant que code - IaC - avec Twilio (Partie 2)

    Dans la première partie de cette série, nous avons abordé les principes de base de l'infrastructure en tant que code (IaC), puis nous avons créé et déployé notre premier script. Dans cette partie de la série, nous allons voir comment l'IaC peut vous aider dans différentes phases de développement.

    Conditions préalables

    Pour suivre cette procédure, vous devez disposer des éléments suivants :

    • Un compte Twilio (que vous pouvez essayer gratuitement)
    • La CLI Twilio
    • La La CLI Pulumi
    • Un compte Pulumi (que vous pouvez également essayer gratuitement)
    • Un compte Azure DevOps (vous aurez besoin d'une organisation, d'un projet et d'un répertoire dans un projet) ou un compte GitHub

    Vous avez également besoin du plug-in Twilio CLI Infra. Vous pouvez l'installer à l'aide de la commande suivante :

    $ twilio plugins:install twilio-infra-as-code/plugin-twilio-infra

    Si vous avez déjà installé le plug-in Infra, assurez-vous d'utiliser la version 0.2.0 ou une version ultérieure. Pour vérifier …

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  • By Charlie Weems
    How Texas is Using Twilio Flex with Direct Inward Dialing to Distribute Vaccines How Texas is Using Twilio Flex to Distribute Vaccines.png

    Most customers use Flex as a call center. We see all sorts of use-cases, from food-banks, to crisis lines, to disaster response. In late December, a joint team from the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council and the Texas Division of Emergency Management were tasked with assisting COVID-19 vaccine distribution and needed a hybrid of a hotline and phone system.

    After vaccines became available in the United States, state and local agencies across the country needed to act fast to ensure that supply chain partners and medical providers had accurate, up to date information. Texas needed to coordinate information like when shipments would arrive, how to request new shipments, and how to safely store vaccines for use are critical pieces of information to ensure that vaccines are distributed effectively.

    Within one day we deployed a solution that has since handled several thousand calls about vaccine distribution logistics. In this …

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  • By Security
    Incident Report: TaskRouter JS SDK Security Incident - July 19, 2020 Incident Report_ TaskRouter July 2020.png

    Twilio believes the security of our customers’ accounts is of paramount importance and when an incident occurs that might threaten that security, we tell you about it.

    What happened?

    On Sunday July 19th, we became aware of a modification that had been made to a Javascript library that we host for our customers to include in their applications. A modified version of the TaskRouter JS SDK was uploaded to our site at 1:12 PM PDT (UTC-07:00). We received an alert about the modified file at approximately 9:20 PM PDT and replaced it on our site around 10:30 PM PDT. The modified version may have been available on our CDN or cached by user browsers for up to 24 hours after we replaced it on our site.

    The TaskRouter JS SDK is a library that allows customers to easily interact with Twilio TaskRouter, which provides an attribute-based routing engine that routes …

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  • By Nichole Wong
    Using TaskRouter with Twilio Flex Using TaskRouter with Twilio Flex
    • Workflows are meant to be simple and human readable.
    • Task queues should represent a natural segmentation amongst agents.
    • New TaskRouter features offer freedom of choice and scalability.
    • TaskRouter will continue to scale alongside you as your Flex deployment grows.

    Imagine this, if you will. Your internet connection has mysteriously stopped working at home. You’re joining an important work meeting by video in 30 minutes, and none of the usual fixes are working. Your last resort is to call your provider for help. But instead of being connected to technical support, you get the sales department.

    As you frustratingly try to explain that you’ve already purchased the company’s internet package, it’s just not working so well right now, the minutes until your big meeting are ticking by.

    Perhaps you’ve experienced a scenario like this in real life, and you don’t want to put your customers through it when they reach your …

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