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TaskRouter posts

  • By Twilio
    Incident Report: TaskRouter JS SDK Security Incident - July 19, 2020 Incident Report_ TaskRouter July 2020.png

    Twilio believes the security of our customers’ accounts is of paramount importance and when an incident occurs that might threaten that security, we tell you about it.

    What happened?

    On Sunday July 19th, we became aware of a modification that had been made to a Javascript library that we host for our customers to include in their applications. A modified version of the TaskRouter JS SDK was uploaded to our site at 1:12 PM PDT (UTC-07:00). We received an alert about the modified file at approximately 9:20 PM PDT and replaced it on our site around 10:30 PM PDT. The modified version may have been available on our CDN or cached by user browsers for up to 24 hours after we replaced it on our site.

    The TaskRouter JS SDK is a library that allows customers to easily interact with Twilio TaskRouter, which provides an attribute-based routing engine that routes …

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  • By Nichole Wong
    Using TaskRouter with Twilio Flex Using TaskRouter with Twilio Flex
    • Workflows are meant to be simple and human readable.
    • Task queues should represent a natural segmentation amongst agents.
    • New TaskRouter features offer freedom of choice and scalability.
    • TaskRouter will continue to scale alongside you as your Flex deployment grows.

    Imagine this, if you will. Your internet connection has mysteriously stopped working at home. You’re joining an important work meeting by video in 30 minutes, and none of the usual fixes are working. Your last resort is to call your provider for help. But instead of being connected to technical support, you get the sales department.

    As you frustratingly try to explain that you’ve already purchased the company’s internet package, it’s just not working so well right now, the minutes until your big meeting are ticking by.

    Perhaps you’ve experienced a scenario like this in real life, and you don’t want to put your customers through it when they reach your …

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