How to Build A Custom Call Center with Twilio Studio and TaskRouter

With Twilio Studio and TaskRouter you can set up a call center in less than 1-2 hours. This post will walk you through the steps to receive calls on your Twilio phone number and have the callers put into a call queue. The callers will listen to music while the call center application arranges an agent to take their call. Agents will use their web browser, on… Read More

Introducing Twilio Flex: A Fully Programmable Contact Center Platform

Introducing Twilio Flex

At Twilio we often say, “We can’t wait to see what you build.” That’s because the communications building blocks we provide are only as powerful and innovative as the applications that developers create with them. It’s these builders who have shown us just how far our APIs can be taken, from 3D mapping with AR and IoT potty training, to a life-saving text line and data-driven debt relief. But… Read More

Building an IVR with no code by using TaskRouter as a state machine

The other day, a customer showed me their Twilio-powered IVR. Specifically, they showed the code that tracks a caller’s progress through the IVR. They built an IVR state machine that solved some of the common challenges many run into when building a complex, multi-stage IVR: They wanted a generic, re-usable solution to keep track of where each caller is within the overall IVR experience each time… Read More

Introducing Multitasking for Taskrouter

Today we’re excited to introduce a new feature for TaskRouter – multitasking. Before we get into multitasking, a quick refresher: TaskRouter is a skill-based routing engine, designed for routing work such as customer support interactions to the best matched agent. Multitasking extends what you can build with TaskRouter by allowing workers to handle multiple tasks concurrently. TaskRouter can be used for many different solutions, but the… Read More

Using Bots To Route Customer Requests Based On Sentiment and Emotion

2016: the year where no strategy or vision pitch was complete without mentioning bots.  You can’t watch a tech keynote, scroll through your newsfeed, or be anywhere online without reading how bots are replacing apps, or replacing humans.   Assuming though for just a moment that we don’t turn our every human interaction, from wedding vows to childcare, into an AI driven chat based interaction… we… Read More

LendUp Helps Customers Personally, Runs Their Call Center Programmatically With TaskRouter

When you’re trapped in a cycle of debt and it’s hard to figure out how to get out, and who to turn to. LendUp works with people who have less than stellar credit to not only offer them loans, but offer them a path back to financial health, a process they call the LendUp ladder. Short term lenders often build their business models on opaque terms… Read More

Building A Salesforce Powered Call Center with Twilio TaskRouter

ThinkVoice gives businesses the communications tools they need to create exceptional customer experiences. ThinkVoice CEO Brian Coyle knows that something as simple and powerful as making a phone ring can be difficult to do at a large scale. That’s where ThinkVoice comes in. To ensure they’re giving their customers reliable and scalable communication solutions, ThinkVoice uses Twilio. After the launch of Twilio’s TaskRouter, ThinkVoice added a… Read More

TaskRouter and the Internet of Things

The King of Cool

There are millions of devices hooked up to the Internet and generating data, from refrigerators monitoring their contents to webcams tracking intruders. These connected devices, collectively referred to as the “Internet of Things” often create work that needs to be done by humans. How do we keep track of all that work? How do we assign that work to an appropriately skilled and available worker? How… Read More

Creating a Priority Queue for your Call Centre with TaskRouter

Queueing, lining up, waiting your turn. It’s part of life, especially for the British. Yes, we’re good at it. Yes, we even like it. Yes, that is why I wanted to write about it. The new Twilio TaskRouter makes building and managing queues easy. In this post I’m going to show you how to build a call centre queueing system with TaskRouter in under 25 lines… Read More