Making Phone Calls Within Slack Using IBM’s Watson Twilio: Phonebot Is Born


If you Gchat me when I’m on Slack, you’ll get this face. Slack users want to keep it all in Slack, even conference calls. James Thomas built a Phonebot that transcribes your conference calls and post them in Slack for you. Here’s how it works. When you call @Phonebot, you can initiate a Twilio Call with your team. Watson listens to the call in chunks after… Read More

A Twilio-Powered Solution for Libraries: Central Library Consortium's Voice Broadcasting App

Learning, exploring, questioning and doing are all big parts of our culture at Twilio, and there are few places that promote this approach to life as much as our local libraries. Libraries bring people and ideas together, and make knowledge accessible to everyone. Nearly three-quarters of all U.S. libraries provide the only source of free access to computers and the Internet in their communities. So we… Read More