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Making Phone Calls Within Slack Using IBM’s Watson Twilio: Phonebot Is Born

Slack’s pitch is pretty simple: It’s the one stop shop for your team’s communication needs. It integrates with everything project management app so it can…Full Article


The Pronunciation Challenge

Text to Speech is hard. When TTS works well and pronounces everything correctly, no one cares. When you mispronounce common words – or worse names…Full Article

A Twilio-Powered Solution for Libraries: Central Library Consortium's Voice Broadcasting App

Learning, exploring, questioning and doing are all big parts of our culture at Twilio, and there are few places that promote this approach to life…Full Article

Testing Twilio's Text-to-Speech Engine Using Twilio Client

Twilio Client is more than just a phone in your browser, it’s an audio pipe into Twilio. So in addition to being able to create…Full Article