Building a Burning Man Ticket Notifier with Twilio SMS


Tickets to Burning Man sell out months and months before droves of people board converted school busses, load bikes onto the backs of cars and drive into the desert. When it came time to buy a ticket, Manuel Ebert missed the bus. Days before burning man he was desperate to find a ticket. He trolled forums, Craigslist, and tried his hand at asking friends but came… Read More

Aziz Ansari Outsmarts Ticket Trolls and Connects With Fans via Twilio SMS


Aziz Ansari had a “problem” most comedians would dream of: he sells out shows too fast. Madison Square Garden and Mandalay Bay sell out hours, sometimes minutes after Aziz announces his dates. But, it wasn’t Aziz’s fans buying tickets en masse. Ticket scalpers were snatching up seats before his fans could get them, and then demanding astronomical prices. He tried announcing shows at odd times like… Read More