Brian Shaffer Wins Our Twilio/FreshBooks Contest

Earlier this month, we ran a contest with our friends at FreshBooks. We wanted to see what our developer communities could create using both Twilio’s phone and SMS APIs and FreshBooks’ billing API. With an iPad 2, $100 in FreshBooks credits, $100 in Twilio credit, and a whole lot of swag up for grabs, we knew this would be an interesting contest. Developers submitted everything from… Read More

Speech-to-Text Transcription

 CallTheMilk by Brian Levine Do you find yourself thinking of things to add to your to-do list at the most inconvenient times and places? Do you wish you could capture new to-do items as you think of them, on the go?  CallTheMilk was created by Brian "Beans" Levine to solve this problem. The service integrates the power of voice with the simplicity and utility of Remember… Read More

Windows Azure + Twilio Example App: Rosetta Phone by Kevin Leneway

In this guest post, Windows Azure evangelist Kevin Leneway demonstrates the simplicity and power of the Twilio API combined with the Azure platform.  Kevin is also the author of the AStartupaDay blog.  You might remember another “get the girl” use case from the Azure team earlier this summer, when Steve Marx published the CIA Pickup app and we blogged about his creative use of Twilio. Hello,… Read More

Jeff Interviewed About Twilio at GigaOm's Structure 2009 Conference

Jeff had a chance to speak with Derek Harris of GigaOm for Structure 2009 back in June, and we’ve just dug up the video from the vault of YouTube to share with you.  Jeff talks about thoughts on the cloud model applied to telecom, the evolution of cloud computing in general, who he feels the leaders are, and some upcoming features for Twilio. During the interview,… Read More

TWO Netbook Winners This Week & New Challenge: Speech-to-Text Transcription

With so many fantastic submissions this week, we’ve decided to award not one but two Netbooks!  The winners are: PagerDuty created by Andrew, Alex, and Baskar (Synchronicity Labs) PagerDuty is a tool for managing on-call responsibilities among members of your staff.  Using your alerting software, forward messages to PagerDuty to route emails, text messages, or phone calls to the appropriate person.  A simple and user-friendly UI… Read More

Twilleetio Wins Netbook #2 – New Category for This Week: Outbound Notifications

Let’s hear a big round of applause for Trevor Smith, a contract web developer in Seattle with a history of turning wild ideas into products.  Trevor won Week #2 of the Twilio Developer Contest with Twilleetio. The category for Week #2 was “Killer Marketing Tools”, and Trevor killed it with this tool for phoning in short audio segments and sharing them with Twitter. Try Twilleetio For… Read More