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Twilio Client posts

  • By Diane Phan
    How to Send an SMS with Twilio CLI in Less Than a Minute header - How to Send an SMS with Twilio CLI in Less Than a Minute

    The Twilio CLI is a nifty and convenient tool to have under your belt especially if you're a developer who loves using the command line. For those who are fans of Twilio, it's also a great way to build fast and test out the power of Twilio.

    Did you know that with the help of Twilio and your command line, you can deliver a quick message without having to pick up your mobile device?

    In this article, you'll be using TwiML and the Twilio CLI to call a phone number and deliver a poem.

    Tutorial requirements

    Set up the Twilio CLI environment …

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  • By Diane Phan
    How to Send a Romantic Poem Over the Phone with Twilio CLI header - How to Send a Romantic Poem Over the Phone with Twilio CLI

    Do you ever listen to Soulja Boy's song "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" and wonder, "How can I kiss someone through the phone?"

    Whether you have or not, you're probably looking for new creative ways to express your feelings to your loved ones this Valentine's Day.

    With the help of Twilio and your command line, you can deliver a romantic Valentine's Day poem over the phone to your gal pals, best buddies, a special someone, or to yourself! With a project as fun as this, it's hard to restrict yourself from using it on only one day out of the year.

    In this article, you'll be using TwiML and the Twilio CLI to call a phone number and deliver a poem.

    Tutorial requirements

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  • By Jarod Reyes
    Hacking Twilio Client to Play Videos Over the Phone Video over phone

    How can I play a Youtube video over WebRTC?
    Is there a way to play dynamic audio over a Twilio Voice call?

    Many people have asked about playing dynamic audio over the phone using Twilio. And while TwiML does allow you to create dynamic templates based on user input, it doesn’t help me if I want to start and stop audio or play a video over the phone. I could imagine some enterprising person using these powers to prank the robocallers, spammers and even the occasional pesky family member. In this post, we are going to look at one quick way to inject any MediaStream into a phone call using the WebRTC-based Twilio Client SDK.

    Prerequisite: This post starts off at the very end of the Twilio Client quickstart, so if you haven’t completed that it is recommended you do so now. Of course, these concepts could be …

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  • By Nico Acosta
    Twilio Client SDKs now supports Safari Client SDK Safari

    If you’re on a Mac or building an application for customers who use Safari, we have good news. With version 11.0, Safari began supporting WebRTC, making it ubiquitous for all major browsers. And with this support, the latest version of the Twilio Client JavaScript SDK also includes support for Safari.

    With the last major browser covered – WebRTC was already supported on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS, and Android – developers can now consider WebRTC a de facto standard for voice and video communications on the web.

    Here are a few ideas of what you can do with Twilio Client:

    Click to call – If you’re a retailer or have a customer support page, why not let your customer call you directly from that page instead of dialing the phone? Now that Client supports Safari, you can be sure you will support virtually every customer who might want to call you, …

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  • By Rob Brazier
    (Beta) Programmable Voice SDK for iOS, with support for VoIP Services Push Notifications Programmable Voice iOS SDK

    iOS 10, released this week, makes it even easier to integrate great VoIP experiences with your iOS applications. Today we’re proud to launch the Public Beta of the new Programmable Voice SDK for iOS. This SDK is designed as the next version of the currently available Twilio Client SDK v1.2.11 for iOS. You’ll notice a few changes such as out-of-the-box support for Apple’s VoIP Services Push Notifications (powered by Twilio’s Notify infrastructure).

    To start building the Programmable Voice SDK for iOS, check out the quickstart.

    Reaching your users

    Any mobile app that allows a user to receive an incoming call has to make sure it can reliably deliver a call notification to the user in question. A good solution to this problem will reach the user every time, no matter whether the application is in the foreground, background, or not running at all. It will also handle any changes …

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  • By Devin Rader
    A Swift Adventure: Building BasicPhone with TwilioClient – Part 2 swift

    In the first post in this series we wrote a simple iOS app using Swift that made an outbound phone call using the Twilio Client SDK for iOS. To do that we set up the basic server infrastructure we need in order to generate a capability token, created a TwiML application that told Twilio what experience to give the caller and used the Client SDK APIs to create a new Device and Connection.

    In the second part we’ll look at using the SDK to receive inbound calls. I’ll show you how to accept calls while the application is running in the foreground, as well as how to use notifications to alert the user of incoming calls while the application is in the background.

    Just want to grab the app code and run with it? Head on over to Github to get the full source for SwiftPhone. If you want to …

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  • By Devin Rader
    A Swift Adventure: Building BasicPhone with TwilioClient swift

    Swift is a fantastic new language from Apple that brings many great features like functional programming patterns, generics and memory management to the world of Cocoa development. My first in-depth exposure to Swift was attending CocoaConf Atlanta and seeing Daniel Steinberg give his Swift language fundamentals presentation. The programming language enthusiast in me immediately started to noodle on app ideas, but once I saw Jonathan Blocksom talk about Objective-C and Swift interoperability I knew wanted to try to build a Swift application using the Twilio Client for iOS SDK. Given that the Objective-C/Swift interoperability appeared to be very strong so my hope was that the Twilio Client for iOS library would just work.

    Twilio ships a number of sample applications with the iOS SDK so as my first Swift project I decided to try to port one of them, BasicPhone, to Swift. Porting the application would give me some …

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  • By Carter Rabasa
    Twilio on Rails Part 3 – Adding Contextual VOIP Using WebRTC to Your Rails 4 App twilio_on_rails2

    Welcome to the final part of our series on integrating Twilio with your Rails 4 app. In Part 1 we walked through signing-up for a free Twilio developer account, getting a phone number and processing an inbound phone call. In Part 2 we secured the webhooks, used Twilio’s REST API to send outbound SMS and MMS and processed delivery receipt notifications. In this post we are going create a contextual VOIP experience for your users by learning how to:

    • Create a TwiML app
    • Integrate the Twilio Client JS SDK
    • Generate a Capability Token
    • Connect the VOIP call

    Contextual VOIP

    In our previous blog posts we used Twilio to make phone calls and deliver text messages. These capabilities are quite powerful but they are often siloed away from the context of the application that the user is interacting with. With Twilio Client WebRTC you can embed a VOIP experience directly into …

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  • By Al Cook
    Twilio Client iOS Update Delivers Call Quality Improvements and More Twilio Bug Logo

    Today, we’re happy to announce that v1.2 of our Twilio Client iOS SDK is now available to all. If you’re not familiar with the product, Twilio Mobile Client lets you embed Voice over IP (VoIP) into your iOS & Android apps. This lets your users communicate within the context of your application.

    Version 1.2 includes a few key improvements for iOS developers.

    • Twilio’s Global Low Latency (GLL) call routing is now supported with the iOS SDK. GLL ensures that your media is always routed to the Twilio data center closest to the user–any one of our seven data centers spread across five continents. We pick the best path for your media to minimize geographic distance and the number of hops over the public internet. This means wherever your users are, and whomever they’re calling, they experience the same level of quality as a local phone call.

    • Next, we’ve made it …
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  • By Paul Hallett
    Creating a Click to Call Service with Twilio Client, Pusher and Python twilio

    Let’s be honest: traditional call centers have a terrible user experience.

    You see something interesting on a website that you want more information about. Email takes too long, so that option is out of the question. What do you do? You search for a phone number (hidden in their contact page at the bottom in tiny text), place a phone call, give away all your details, and (eventually) you end up getting to a human who might be able to help you. In this day and age of technology, why can’t the website know what I’m looking at and put me in touch with a human just by clicking a link?

    This solution to this does exist and it is called Click to Call.

    Click To Call is a bit of a buzz at the moment, with big names like Twitter looking at ways to support ads and user …

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