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Twilio Client posts

  • By Kyle Kelly-Yahner
    Video Screencast: Building an App with Twilio Client and Web RTC Twilio Bug Logo

    kevinwhinneryWhen you hang out with a Developer Evangelist you do typical things like learning to build IVR apps, using Web RTC with Twilio Client, embedding Twilio Client into your browser based app, and of course–listening to disco through Twilio.

    Kevin Whinnery covered all these things and more in last week’s instructional Google Hangout. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered, the video is below. Add us on Google Plus for community news and updates on the next Hangout.

    For more instructional material check out these resources:

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  • By Twilio
    WebRTC for Twilio Client Now Available Twilio Bug Logo

    Twilio Client just got better! Today, we are happy to announce general availability of Twilio Client with WebRTC; only a few days after Google Chrome announced general support for it. This latest version of Twilio Client offers improved audio quality and a better user experience for calls to and from the browser.

    WebRTC is an open source project focused on adding real-time communication capabilities to the browser. Google, Mozilla, and Opera are building it into their browsers so there are no annoying plug-ins to install or configure. Even better, WebRTC uses the latest audio codecs which means calls will sound better than ever.

    Getting Started

    If you are new to Twilio Client and want t …

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  • By Twilio
    TwilioCon 2012: Jeff Lawson Introduces the Newest Twilio Products with Global Reach Twilio Bug Logo

    TwilioCon 2012 kicked off today with an opening keynote from our CEO Jeff Lawson, sharing the story of where we’ve been, where we’re going and the community of DOers who make it all possible. He also announced Twilio’s latest product updates, global reach and brand new APIs for developers.

    We look forward to continuing our growth, powered by an incredible community of developers and DOers who are changing the future of communications. Here’s a look at the latest Twilio tools we’ve built for you, which include Twilio availability on six continents, New APIs, WebRTC for Twilio Client, brand new Twilio Developer Profiles, and Premium Support.

    One API, Global Reach

    DOers, developers and businesses are everywhere, which is why we are very excited to have announced the availability of Twilio in more than 200 countries throughout the world. Now, developers across six continents have the power to build global communication solutions …

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  • By Twilio
    DOer Lyle Pratt Launches BuildANumber alongside BetterVoicemail Twilio Bug Logo

    Lyle Pratt is a DOer by nature, with a business-focused education on paper, he’s been writing software for years. After missing API Hack Day because of the flu, Lyle reached out to share with us the app he built anyways – talk about hack commitment. What he built was an add on to his current start up BetterVoicemail, an app that allows users to simply build their own custom phone system with voicemail, call routing, virtual phones and more.Meet BuildANumber, a brilliantly easy way to set up a customized phone system that anyone can build.

    We interviewed Lyle on how he was able to use his entrepreneurial skills and love for code to create BuildANumber and BetterVoicemail. First, check out …

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  • By Meghan Murphy
    Developer Contest: Give your iOS App a Voice with Twilio Client Twilio Bug Logo

    Twilio Client for iOS is now available for developers everywhere to easily integrate voice and presence into mobile apps. Now you can make and receive phone calls, and provide real-time presence using the data connection of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

    We’re really excited to get hacking on new projects and see what mobile ideas the community comes up with next. This developer contest challenges you to get started with the new Twilio iOS SDK in return for the most epic of mobile developer glory. All contest entries will receive Twilio credit and recognition on the official Twilio blog, while the top winner will take home an iPad 3.

    Time to download the SDK and give your iOS app a voice.

    The Challenge: Build a Twilio Client iOS App

    Get started on a new mobile app or add voice capabilities to a current app that really makes the experience …

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  • By Meghan Murphy
    Twilio Launches Twilio Client iOS SDK to Enable VoIP Communications in Any App Twilio Bug Logo

    At Twilio, we’re passionate about enabling software developers to build rich communications experiences with simple, powerful tools, and so today we’re proud to launch Twilio Client for iOS. Twilio Client for iOS makes it possible for any mobile application to make and receive phone calls as well as provide real-time presence information about contacts, using the data connection of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

    Now, any iOS developer in the world can use the Twilio Client software development kit (SDK) to enhance existing mobile applications with voice communications or build totally new kinds of applications from scratch. The power of VoIP is in your hands.

    Building Apps That Talk in the Cloud

    Using Twilio Client for iOS, developers have access to new capabilities to build apps that:

    • Let users make voice calls through any iOS device with a data connection, including app-to-app calls
    • Place tap-to-call features within apps …
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  • By Devin Rader
    Twilio for .NET Developers Part 5: Twilio Client, MVC and WebMatrix Helper Libraries Twilio Bug Logo

    This is a series of blog posts that introduce and walk you through using the different .NET Helper Libraries that Twilio provides.

    These libraries simplify using the Twilio REST API for .NET developers, and provide as set of utilities that make it easy to work with TwiML and Twilio Client. Take a look at part one, two, three and four of the series.

    Twilio Client Helper, MVC Helper and WebMatrix Helper Libraries

    In this post we’ll look at the other .NET helper libraries that you can use to integrate Twilio into your applications. While in the last two posts we’ve looked at the two primary helper libraries which make it simple to use the Twilio REST API and to generate TwiML, there are …

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  • By Rob Spectre
    Get Wired In With Twilio Presence Twilio Bug Logo

    Hot off the heels of our Twilio Connect contest, this week we’re taking our contests realtime with Twilio Presence. We launched this feature for Twilio Client at our first-ever Twilio Conference and ever since developers have been integrating it with their Client implementations to display information on which Twilio Clients are connected.

    Implementation is easy – simply add Twilio Client’s new .presence() to your Twilio Device and your app will receive notifications whenever the availability of any of your Twilio Clients changes. It works like any other event handler in Twilio Client:

    Twilio.Device.presence(function (presenceEvent) {
      console.log(presenceEvent.from + " availa …
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  • By Meghan Grady
    SnapEngage Releases New Call Me Feature Powered by Twilio Client Twilio Bug Logo

    SnapEngageSnapEngage, a live chat service for websites, is rolling out Call Me, a feature powered by Twilio Client. As a website visitor, you will find a handy web pop-up allowing you to connect to a representative immediately. For a website owner, SnapEngage provides the opportunity to engage visitors directly and integrates with existing CRM and help desk solutions.

    The new Call Me capability enables website visitors to receive a call to their phone via Twilio Voice or speak directly through their browser via Twilio Client – using two-way voice as an alternative to live chat. In the SnapEngage window, visitors click the “Call Me” button then choose “Call from my computer” or “Call me on my phone …

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  • By admin
    Announcing OpenVBX, a virtual phone system, now with Twilio Client Twilio Bug Logo

    Today we are excited to share the latest version of OpenVBX, a virtual phone system that now features native VoIP integration with Twilio Client. OpenVBX users now have a sleek, intuitive interface for making and receiving calls directly in the browser to other users. Simply push a button to talk, and the dialpad slides out to enable DTMF tones, hangup, and mute.

    OpenVBX 1.0: A virtual phone system with VoIP

    We’ve designed OpenVBX as an open source virtual phone system and an example of what we’d love to see built using Twilio. These latest improvements benefit the thousands of businesses who enjoy this simple, powerful virtual PBX.
    OpenVBX with Twilio ClientWhen Twilio released OpenVBX in June of last year, o …

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