HipDial Takes The Hassle Out Of Conference Calls With Twilio

There’s a popular phrase: “I’m hopping on a conference call.” But, “hopping” may not be  the right word. Joining a conference call normally involves searching for and punching in a series of PIN numbers, responding to voice prompts, and hanging on until the call’s host gets on the line. HipDial is trying to make things a little easier with a simple conference calling service. Four months ago,… Read More

Zendesk Extends Program to Twilio Conference Attendees

At Twilio, we are no strangers to the simplicity and efficiency of the Zendesk platform.  In fact, we use this help desk software every day to smoothly manage the workflows of customer support.  We have also seen several developers integrate the Twilio API into Zendesk.  Thus, it is with much excitement that we announce their plans to extend the Zendesk Loves Startups program to Twilio Conference attendees… Read More

Announcing Twilio Connect

Today we are excited to introduce Twilio Connect, a new set of features and APIs enabling developers to simplify the process of integrating Twilio features into their apps without having to worry about end-user billing for phone numbers, call minutes and text messages. One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we’ve received from our developer community is that maintaining a usage-based billing system requires a… Read More

Thanks to TokBox, Twilio Conference Sponsor

We’re huge fans of TokBox here at Twilio. They provide simple APIs that make it easy to add flexible, multi-way video chat to your applications. Think Twilio, but instead of voice and SMS communications, you have video chat. Very cool stuff they have going on there. Developers can leverage both the OpenTok APIs or their plug-n-play OpenTok Widgets. OpenTok APIs Use the OpenTok APIs to build your app using… Read More

Thanks to MongoDB, Twilio Conference Sponsor

MongoDB and Twilio both strive to provide developers with a hugely scalable,extremely agile product.  MongoDB, built and supported by 10gen, is an open-source, document-oriented database that allows developers to store data in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas rather than in the tables and rows of a relational database.  The goal of MongoDB is to achieve the rich functionality that is present in relational databases while capturing the… Read More

Thanks to MuleSoft, Twilio Conference Sponsor

We’re very excited to have MuleSoft as a sponsor for the Twilio Conference. MuleSoft provides enterprise-class software based on popular open source application infrastructure products, delivering an integration platform for the cloud, web and enterprise. They recently announced the release of a new product, Cloud Connector for Twilio, which allows developers to easily integrate the Twilio API within Mule. We recently wrote about Cloud Connector for Twilio, and you can read about here or watch… Read More

Thanks to Vuurr, Twilio Conference Sponsor

Jonathan Kressaty of Vuurr is no stranger to Twilio. He’s built companies on top of Twilio, such as Betwext, and knows our APIs like the back of his hand. When we found out he was starting a digital ad agency, we were ecstatic. Vuurr is a digital architecture and development powerhouse with metric-driven follow through. In their own words, “The current interactive agency model will have you believe… Read More

Thanks To Our Twilio Conference Sponsors

All of us here at Twilio would just like to extend out thanks to our several lovely TwilioCon sponsors, without whom we might never have been able to put together such an awesome event: “Pubnub is a new kind of Web Data Push Cloud-Hosted Broadcasting Service for Real-time Mass Communication [Mobile Phones, Tablets, TVs, HTML5 Web Browsers and Game Consoles].” Yes, we realize that’s quite a… Read More

Thanks to Beenverified, Twilio Conference Sponsor

BeenVerified provides affordable, easy to access public records and people search information through a website and a mobile phone application for both iPhone and Android platforms.  BeenVerified’s mission is to make public records easy, affordable, and accurate for everyone.  The goal is to provide instant access to the information necessary to make smart decisions about the people and businesses that one may interact with online or offline. BeenVerified Features… Read More