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Twilio Conversations posts

  • By Evan Weiss
    How to embed Twilio Conversations in a Retool app for bidirectional messaging Embed Twilio Conversations in Retool for bidirectional messaging

    Twilio Conversations makes it easy to add messaging to your applications using Twilio's SDKs and APIs. But presenting a chat dialogue in your product or on your website is only half of the battle. You also need to build a chat interface for your agents to interact with.

    In this tutorial, you’ll use the Twilio Conversations JS SDK to add bidirectional messaging capabilities to an agent portal built in Retool. Retool is a development platform for internal tools. Together, Twilio Conversations and Retool provide a powerful and easy-to-use toolkit to build custom chat-enabled internal applications.

    A user interface screenshot showing an in-progress chat conversation between a customer and an agent. SMS settings are displayed on the left, a chat window is displayed in the middle, and an emoji picker is displayed on the right.

    Want to add Twilio Voice to a Retool app? Check out this blog post!


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  • By Twilio
    How to Add Someone to a Business Group Text How to add to Group Text.png

    Texting is an easy way to stay in touch with your co-workers, especially post the advent of remote work. It’s become so popular that making phone calls is now a thing of the past, which means group texts are the new normal in communication.

    Here, we’ll explain exactly how to add people to a group text so you can enhance communication with your co-workers. We’ll also discuss how you can use tools like Twilio Conversations to initiate conversations between more than 2 people over multiple channels.

    Why are group texts important in business?

    Most businesses can benefit from adding group messages to a communication plan. Since 90% of text messages are read within 30 minutes of receipt, you can almost guarantee your employees will see your message and get back to you in a timely manner. Not to mention, having to wait for a co-worker to read an email …

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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    顧客の心をつかむSMSマーケティングキャンペーン9種 Creative SMS Campaigns JP

    この記事は、コンテンツマーケティング担当のBrooke Isaacsが、こちら(英語)で執筆した記事を日本語化したものです。





    Suds-free coupon code JP


    Verb‌‌‌‌は、サロン品質のヘアケアブランドで、クリエイティブなSMSマーケティングメッセージを科学的な視点で提供しています。私は、Verbから新製品の …

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  • By Stephenie Minami Nakajima
    Twilio ConversationsとVue.jsでチャットアプリケーションを作る(前編) Twilio ConversationsとVue.jsでチャットアプリケーションを作る(前編)


    Twilio Conversationsは仮想空間を作成し複数のチャネルでユーザー間のコミュニケーションを実現できる機能です。Twilio Conversationsは複数のチャットプラットフォームに対応しており、クロス、マルチチャネルでのコミュニケーションをサポートします。たとえば、SMSで始めたチャットをMMS、WhatsAppやウェブチャットで続行することができます。また、APIを使って会話の作成やユーザーの追加をしたり、Webhookによる会話中のさまざまなイベントのモニタリングをすることで、あなたのニーズに合わせたコミュニケーション方法を実装できます。

    このチュートリアルでは、Twilio ConversationsとVue.jsでシンプルなウェブチャットアプリケーションを作る方法をご紹介します。


    後編はこちら:「Twilio ConversationsとVue.jsでチャットアプリケーションを作る(後編)


    このチュートリアルを最後まで進めると、Twilio ConversationsとTwilio Conversations JavaScriptクライアントライブラリの使い方を実践的に学べるとともに、以下のようなVue.jsを使ったシンプルなウェブチャットアプリケーションを作成できます。




    • JavaSc …
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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    9 Creative SMS Marketing Campaigns We Love Creative SMS Campaigns.png

    SMS is an invaluable channel of communication that shouldn't be ignored in your marketing strategy. Because we live in a world dominated by cell phones and smartphones, recipients are just seconds away at any given time. Unlike other marketing channels, SMS is immediate and simple, delivering your message quickly to the people that need to receive it. That being said, it can be hard to stand out in a heavily text-based platform.

    Whether you’re a text message marketing pro or just getting started, creative SMS marketing campaigns can make or break your overall marketing efforts. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite ways that brands have gotten our attention, why they were effective, and how you can emulate them in your own strategy.

    Let’s get into all the ways you can creatively elevate your SMS marketing strategy and boost your engagement rates.

    1) Have fun with sale notifications

    Suds-free coupon code

    Sales and …

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