The Road Coders Survival Kit


Your friendly neighborhood Twilio developer evangelism crew racks up a fair amount of road time around the world in our continuing mission to see the incredible stuff you all build. In addition to accumulating buckets of frequent flyer miles, mapping power outlets in every airport from LHR to SFO and taste testing the entire menu from Buffalo Wild Wings, we’ve also collected  in our travels a… Read More

Reddit Recap: Ask A Developer Evangelist With Rob Spectre


Rob Spectre took to reddit on Thursday to answer questions from the community about what it takes to be a self professed “punk rock technolologist having a barrel of monkeys on the Internet,” aka a Developer Evangelist. The wonderful folks of reddit had a ton of questions for Rob during his AMA ranging from “what exactly is a Developer Evangelist” to “what’s the craziest part of… Read More

Introducing The Twilio Heroes: Meet The Barn Owls


Back in December, we put out a call to find the first class of Twilio Heroes. We were blown away by the quantity and quality of applications from DOers looking to empower their community with development tools, and improve their own software skills. Picking this class wasn’t easy, but we are incredibly excited to announce the 12 devs who will make up this Twilio Heroes class,… Read More

Apply for Twilio Heroes: Soft Skills Developers Need to Succeed


At Twilio, our mission is to enable developers to change the world of communications forever. Software developers are the force behind building the future of communications and we aim to provide you with the proper tools to change the world. One of the benefits of the role of a developer evangelist is the resources you gain from being a part of a community, both on and… Read More

Help Apps Alliance Map The Developer Ecosystem–In 90 Seconds

Apps Developers Alliance has one simple goal: to represent the voice of the developer, and help them succeed in the industry. But, in order to do that, they need an accurate snapshot of the size and strength of the developer ecosystem. It’s easy to recall the apps developers built, the hackathons they host, or the companies they’ve founded. Apps Alliance is trying to quantify all that,… Read More