How To Record Your Podcast Interviews With Twilio

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A few years ago, podcasting required a ton of hardware. Now, anyone with a laptop, a cell phone, and a person to interview, can get a podcast up and running in minutes. In this tutorial, I’ll show you can use Twilio to record and stream your podcast interviews easily. Getting A Good Interview Some of my favorite podcasts feature live call-in segments or interviews. But, when… Read More

Jonathan Coulton Talks TwilioCon, Learning To Code and Justin Timberlake


By now you know the catchy tunes of Jonathan Coulton, and that he’s performing at this year’s TwilioCon. But, who knew that the nerd rocker also worked as a barista before becoming a software programmer, and eventually a full time musician? We talked with Jonathan about his upcoming performance, how he first learned to code, his admiration of Justin Timberlake and what the old engineering adage… Read More

SocialSamba Builds New Avenues for Storytelling w/ Twilio

During SxSW I got a text from The Mad Hatter. “Next time I yell ‘I am a golden god!’ and jump into a pool, I’m checking my pockets so my cell doesn’t drown in that pool drool,’” he wrote. As much as I’d like to believe that the text came from The Mad Hatter himself, it actually came via SocialSamba, a new interactive storytelling platform focused… Read More