How a Load Test Saved a Florida County Election Call Center in Four Lines of Code

During presidential elections, you’ll see all sorts of campaigns urging you to “Rock The Vote,” “Get Out And Vote,” and (more aggressively) “Vote or Die!” For eight years, a small county was unable to rock, count, or register their citizens to vote efficiently. The thorn in this county’s democratic process was their phone system. Every election season, poor communication crippled the county’s ability to register voters,… Read More

From Push To Pull: ThinkVoice Revamps Their Phone System And Customer Service With Twilio Queue

Think of being on hold as being in a waiting room with no receptionist. You sit and wait. Eventually someone greets you. If you’re lucky, this is the person you meant to speak with. If you’re not, you go back into the waiting room while the person you just met with (hopefully) contacts the person you need to speak to. This process seemed absolutely insane to… Read More

General Assembly Video: How To Create A Customer Support Line With Twilio Queue

Rob Spectre and Christopher Castiglione want you to have a little more free time. They also want to save you from running around your office space trying to answer five different support calls at once. In this video “Dialing Into The Twilio API”, recorded at General Assembly, Rob and Chris show you how to build a customer support line using Twilio Queue. Queue allows you to… Read More