Keep ‘Em Separated: Shuffle Keeps Your Phone Number Safe and Online Profiles Intact


I troll Craigslist all the time. I search for good deals on vintage drums. I search for affordable housing in San Francisco (RIMSHOT!) and sometimes I check if there are any Hulkamania fanny packs I can add to my collection. While I’m willing to admit I have really weird interests, I am not willing to give my real phone number out on Craigslist. This underscores something… Read More

Pingometer Keeps Your Uptime In The 9’s With Twilio SMS


In a perfect world, no website would go down. In the real world, government websites go down in the middle of a press event in a senator’s office in front of 60 high ranking officials. That’s why Pingometer exists, to exterminate downtime and maximize uptime. “By nature of the product, it’s always 911 when we are sending alerts,” says Tyler Scott, Founder of Pingometer. It’s the… Read More

What’s In The Box!? Tracking What’s In Your Moving Boxes with Twilio SMS and


Nothing fragments your focus like moving. Even a simple task like boxing up picture frames can induce a nightmarish sense of dread. Once you finishing packing the picture frame box you’ll put it down atop the sea of other indistinguishable brown boxes, and realize you have absolutely no idea which box the frames are in. You have no idea which box anything is in. The anxiety… Read More

Greytruck Makes Databases Friendly, Instantly Accessible Via Twilio SMS


A mangled motorcycle gave the Greytruck CEO, Eric Xavier the opening he needed to dive into entrepreneurship. One of Eric’s riding buddies missed out on a ride when he forgot to take a lock off the wheel of his motorcycle before riding. When he took off on the bike, he was launched off it, injuring himself and mangling the bike. Eric and his brother saw a… Read More

Build Fast, Build Visually: Shows You How To Send Twilio SMS From Your Mobile App

apperyio lets you build powerful mobile apps in no time using intuitive visual tools. Using Twilio, you can easily integrate the Twilio API with’s cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated back-end services and get sending SMS fast. In this tutorial, CTO Max Katz shows you how to build a mobile app from the ground up that uses the Twilio SMS API to send texts…. Read More

Sensay Replaces the Search Engine with Human Conversation Using Twilio SMS


You might remember Ariel Jalali as the guy who offered the President of the United States a job at his startup. President Obama was touring Ariel’s co-working space, Cross Campus, when Ariel decided to get the jump on other would-be employers by offering Obama “his next gig.” Ariel (pictured right) described the gig as “super rewarding [because] you get to help people from anywhere.” While Obama… Read More

Building A Salesforce Powered Call Center with Twilio TaskRouter


ThinkVoice gives businesses the communications tools they need to create exceptional customer experiences. ThinkVoice CEO Brian Coyle knows that something as simple and powerful as making a phone ring can be difficult to do at a large scale. That’s where ThinkVoice comes in. To ensure they’re giving their customers reliable and scalable communication solutions, ThinkVoice uses Twilio. After the launch of Twilio’s TaskRouter, ThinkVoice added a… Read More

Sonar Adds To Its Customer Communication Toolbelt With Twilio SMS


Mayvenn’s first attempt at a customer communication platform wasn’t, shall we say, sophisticated. But, it was necessary. Mayvenn helps salons and stylists sell hair products to their customers with a suite of communication tools. Mayvenn knew a majority of stylists and their customer base didn’t use email; they preferred text. Mayvenn gave their team a bunch of Sprint phones and assigned them customers to contact with… Read More

CMT Brings Thousands To The Party: Using Twilio To Connect Fans With The Cast of Party Down South


When season three of Party Down South premiered on CMT, it ranked among the top five programs in its time slot with millennials and ranked in the top 10 programs tweeted about in prime time. The reality show profiles a crew of rowdy southerners all living in one house together for a summer. As you can imagine, things get a little crazy, and fans have really… Read More