The Red Cross Streamlines Dispatch With

Tennessee Floods 2010

Most disasters the American Red Cross encounters are house fires that require a network of volunteers to be immediately dispatched during an emergency. They provide shelter, food and clothing, in addition to services like mental health support. The American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois responds to three or four disasters a day – that adds up to 1,200 a year. Every moment counts when… Read More

Answering Health Questions via SMS with IBM Watson and Twilio


Q: “Combining these two APIs can let you quickly query a complex health data set via SMS.” A: “What are IBM Watson and Twilio?” You probably remember IBM Watson battling humans in Jeopardy. Now developers can access this same power via the Watson Question and Answer API. Currently IBM has exposed the health and travel data sets via the API. I wanted to build an app… Read More

Where’s My Stuff?: Package Zen Makes Delivery Tracking Simple With Twilio MMS


We’ve all been there. That super important thing was delivered to us – at work or at home – and disappeared into thin air. There are stages of questioning in that moment where you’re standing at a reception desk or at the mailroom room door. Is it under that stack of packages in the back? Did someone else pick it up? Did it get delivered to… Read More

Rain’s Coming, Tell Your Landlord via Twilio SMS and Zillabyte


It rarely rains in San Francisco. We go months without so much as a drop, sprinkle or sun shower. But, when the rain hits, it hits hard. In December there were tremendous floods due to downpour that left homeowners and renters in dire straits. Unprepared landlords had to scramble and work against the clock to fight flooding, and repair water damage. Nikhil Karnik, a software engineer… Read More

The Drama of Data: Whirligig Productions Builds An Interactive Theater With Node.js, Drones, and Twilio SMS


Nothing spells drama like actors and audience both vying for power from a Greek oracle. Deus Ex Machina, isn’t your typical theatrical production. Robert Matney, Co-Artistic Director at Whirilgig Productions, built out an entirely new way for audience and actors to not only interact with a story, but build it in realtime via Twilio SMS. Robert Matney was inspired by the work of his peers and… Read More

HealthySMS Rethinks Mental Health Treatment With Real Time Mood Updates Via Text


Technology is fundamentally changing the world, and not just the consumer world. There are headlines every day announcing there’s a new Uber for this, a new way to streamline the way you do laundry, order food, or order clothing. A few professors in Berkeley’s Social Welfare program are using technology to change more than the way the purchase goods; they’re reshaping mental health treatment.  Adrian Aguilera… Read More

12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 8: Christmas Carol Lyrics by Text Message


My wife and I took our newborn daughter out shopping on Michigan Ave last weekend. Walking out of Macy’s, I saw a bunch of carolers holding sheets of paper with song lyrics. I thought, “Who has printers and copiers anymore?” But most everyone’s got a cellphone these days. Maybe they don’t want to install an app. Maybe they don’t have a data plan. But most folks these… Read More

12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 7: Spread Christmas Cheer With littleBits, Laravel and Twilio


My mom’s favorite Christmas song is “I’ll be home for Christmas” which means I’m in major trouble since I won’t be making the trip to KC to visit her this year. I imagine many of you, like me, may not be able to spend the holidays with your families. I wanted to build a hack that helps people feel connected to the ones they love no… Read More