#TwilioSxSW: Wedgies Launches Tumblr Integration, Expands SMS Polling

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Companies like Wedgies are bringing polling to the masses so anyone from bloggers, to journalists, to TV execs can connect with their audience and gauge sentiment in real-time.  Wedgies is now the first fully integrated polling and survey option on Tumblr. This means Tumblr’s user base of roughly 110 million can now embed polls and surveys on any one of the 94 million posts published daily,… Read More

Get.Down with Twilio and Box #SXSW 2014, You’re Invited

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Every year, startups, DOers, and old friends head to Austin, TX for SXSW. We’re excited to say hi to our wonderful community and friends in person this year, and we’re kicking off SXSW with a bang. We’re hosting an afternoon of delicious food, tasty beer and great company. We’d love for you to come — there’s just one thing you need to do first. We crafted… Read More

Drone Games Recap: Do A Barrel Roll, And Also The Harlem Shake

Who says drones have no personality? At this year’s Drone Games, drones danced the harlem shake, responded to humans chicken dancing, and rebooted other dancing drones. Team GroupOn won the event with their hand gesture controlled drone. The team at Eyes and Ears Entertainment built a drone that was so awesome, it inspired the judges to invent a new award just for them. Here’s what the… Read More

Uber Storms #SxSW: Free Uberx Rides, New Luxury Cars and Pedicabs

SxSW is in full swing. You have a million events to get to around Austin, so why not travel in style for free? Our friends at Uber are offering a ton of perks for SxSW attendees. Here’s the rundown: Free Uberx rides for SxSW attendees from Austin locals. A re-vamped pedicab service to help you get around town fast Try out the new Uber 2.0 Android… Read More