The Pronunciation Challenge


Text to Speech is hard. When TTS works well and pronounces everything correctly, no one cares. When you mispronounce common words – or worse names – you can annoy or even offend your customers. As humans, we have it quite a bit easier. We can understand the context and know when to break the normal pronunciation rules. While our man/woman voice is good the vast majority… Read More

Introducing Alice: New Voice, New Languages and Improved Text-to-Speech Capabilities


<Say> hello to Alice, the latest Twilio voice engine. Alice speaks 26 dialects, so you can communicate with customers, clients and callers in their own language. Developers use Twilio’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities to greet callers, speak prompts or build confirmations into phone calls without any need to record the dialogue in advance. Getting started with Alice is incredibly easy – just modify the <Say> verb with… Read More