Win Your Copy of Roger Stringers New Twilio Cookbook: Share Your #TwilioRecipes


Roger Stringer is back with a second edition of his Twilio Cookbook and we want to give you a copy. The cookbook is a one-stop shop for all the recipes and code samples you to build your own Twilio projects. In this new edition, Roger shows you how to use Twilio Picture Messaging, Call <Queue>ing, Twilio Client and more to create anything from own Picture Messaging… Read More

How To Set Up GitHub Activity SMS Alerts


Building a community around a new open source project is a tall order. Immediate feedback is critical when a collaborating developer opens a pull request on your GitHub project. One key component to a healthy repository community I’ve learned over the past year is to comment on and merge pull requests as soon as they are opened. The short feedback loop allows other developers to feel… Read More

Feed FM: Making Hold Music Less Boring With Twilio


When you’re on hold, it might seem like time drags on forever. Your customers feel the same way when they’re on hold– because hold music is terrible. Feed.FM is on a mission to provide a legal and easy way to add popular music (anything from Arcade Fire to Zeppelin) to your app, website, or game. They take care of all of the reporting, billing and licensing… Read More

Create a Twilio SMS Language Translator Using Mashape

The following is a guest post by Chris Ismael, Developer Evangelist at Mashape, a cloud API hub allowing developers to discover and distribute APIs. Learn more about Chris here. Hi, my name is Chris Ismael, Developer Evangelist from Mashape.  In this tutorial, we will build a phone service that lets you translate messages to your preferred language using SMS.  The service will also call you back… Read More

Video Screencast: Building an App with Twilio Client and Web RTC

When you hang out with a Developer Evangelist you do typical things like learning to build IVR apps, using Web RTC with Twilio Client, embedding Twilio Client into your browser based app, and of course–listening to disco through Twilio. Kevin Whinnery covered all these things and more in last week’s instructional Google Hangout. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered, the video is below. Add… Read More