Building A Group Messaging App with Meteor, MongoDB and Twilio


There’s been a lot of buzz around the Meteor framework, and with their adoption of ES6 coming later this summer now is a better time than ever to try it out! In this post, we are going to build a simplified GroupMe clone using Meteor, MongoDB, and Twilio. The app will serve as an SMS group messenger that will let us create groups of phone numbers and blast a text message to… Read More

How to Protect Your Android Phone From the Stagefright Bug


Earlier this morning, a vulnerability was disclosed for Android phones performing a remote code execution over MMS. Dubbed “Stagefright“, the vulnerability exploits SMS/MMS clients by sending a malformed media file to the user which is automatically downloaded by the default client. If you’re using Google Hangouts as your default SMS client, here’s how to protect your device from Stagefright by disabling automatic downloading of media files sent… Read More

Behind Great Customer Service, There’s Great Code : How Apartment List Uses Twilio


Apartment List‘s Renters Operations Center (ROC), headquartered in San Francisco, is lovingly referred to as The Rock by employees. It’s not the type of rock where you’ll find Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery saving the world from a nuclear weapon crisis. But, you will find Apartment List’s customer service staff doing equally heroic work: finding people apartments in San Francisco (and all over the world). Humans… Read More

Making Phone Calls Within Slack Using IBM’s Watson Twilio: Phonebot Is Born


If you Gchat me when I’m on Slack, you’ll get this face. Slack users want to keep it all in Slack, even conference calls. James Thomas built a Phonebot that transcribes your conference calls and post them in Slack for you. Here’s how it works. When you call @Phonebot, you can initiate a Twilio Call with your team. Watson listens to the call in chunks after… Read More

Save The Hacker Hackathon Produces Emergency Blood Donation Coordination via SMS


Mediocrity looms large. If you’re not careful, you can make coding less of a creative endeavor and more of a chore. One hackathon set out to fight mediocrity and stagnation head on – Save The Hacker. A few weeks ago, the aptly named hackathon, Save The Hacker, brought 100 teams together in Chennai, India to build web and mobile apps for the fun of it, to… Read More

Twilio Monitoring Within Microsoft Power BI: Analyze and Visualize Data


A few weeks back we announced Twilio Monitor  to give you detailed operational visibility into your Twilio account and Twilio-powered apps. This new level of transparency can help you build secure and compliant applications. Monitor logs errors and warnings, tracks usage against thresholds, and provides comprehensive event-logging and change-tracking for Twilio resources. All Monitor data can be consumed via an API within your app, and integrate… Read More

$bash Recap: Coney Island For Coders at #SignalConf


$bash got started with a bark. Dressed in full carnival barker / ring leader regalia, Rob Spectre ushered in hundreds of Signal attendees into the carnival for coders. Some hit the cotton candy stand, some ran to throw baseballs at old telecom hardware, and some tried to solve FizzBuzz, a classic coding challenge, as fast as possible. $bash attendees hopped from booth to booth to try… Read More

Receive Twitter Notifications by SMS with EventMachine and the Twitter Streaming API (Send and Receive Tweets Using SMS with Twilio Part 3)

I’ve been having fun with the Twitter and Twilio APIs recently. First was the release of a tool to send and receive Tweets using SMS and Twilio. In part 2 I started to dig into how the app was built, starting with how to send a Tweet with SMS. Now it’s time to look into how the other side works: how to send SMS notifications when… Read More