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  • By Erin Kelly
    Providing Humanitarian Assistance Without Delay Humanitarian Assistance Quickly Hero

    Since the start of the war in Ukraine, more than 8 million people have fled their homes. Each of these people have unique, personal needs that humanitarian organizations are working to address as their lives are turned upside down.

    Supporting so many people with different situations at once can be very difficult, especially in conflict zones. But we know from our humanitarian partners that when people are displaced from their homes, because of war, natural disasters, or other catastrophic events, cash helps people withstand the initial shocks and departure. When aid organizations provide financial assistance – including through electronic transfers or cash vouchers – they put money directly into the hands of those experiencing crisis. This way, people can decide how and where to use the support, whether it’s on clothes for their children, medicine for themselves or a family member, or food and water.

    In some settings, cash transfer …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Simplified Sign Up Now Available for UK-based and Public Education Organizations Faster & easier Impact Access benefits for more organizoations.

    Getting access to product benefits from is now easier than ever. Today, is announcing that more organizations can quickly apply for the Impact Access program with a simplified sign up experience in the Console. That means you can start building faster and scale your work affordably with credits and discounts applied across the Twilio platform.

    An improved sign up experience for the Impact Access program has been extended to the following types of qualifying organizations:

    1. UK-based organizations: Social impact customers with their Twilio account currency set to the British Pound can now sign up for the Impact Access Program in the Twilio Console and receive a £400 kickstart product credit plus platform discounts.
    2. Public education institutions: Public universities, colleges, and K-12 schools worldwide are eligible and invited to apply for the Impact Access Program using a new dedicated organization type to receive kickstart credits and …
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  • By Emily Miller
    Building the Next Generation of Crisis Lines: Learnings from our 2020 Grant Round Copy of C04 Blog Text (3).png

    Organizations using Twilio technology and funding reached 1.6 million people with critical support and resources at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic

    Content warning: The following content highlights nonprofit organizations addressing issues of conflict, violence, depression, and suicide. We encourage discretion for readers impacted by these topics.

    At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when vaccines weren’t yet available, and shelter-in-place ordinances kept people from leaving their homes, global communities experienced increased spikes in depression, hunger, abuse, financial distress, and other acute personal crises. People impacted were turning to trained specialists at 24/7 crisis lines for support and resources.

    As a result, demand for these critical services increased dramatically. Digital communications via voice, SMS, webchat, video, and WhatsApp hotlines and helplines became a vital bridge to reaching people most severely affected by the pandemic with life-saving support and resources.

    To support organizations serving on the frontlines looking to reach …

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  • By Twilio
    How NGOs are leveraging digital engagement to help Ukrainian refugees How NGOs are leveraging digital engagement to help Ukrainian refugees

    When people are at risk due to conflict, crises, and war, social impact builders rise up to help. Today’s war in Ukraine is no different. We’re devastated by the loss of life and the attack on democracy and freedom, but we’re finding hope in the way communities are rallying to support displaced people. Nonprofits, NGOs, volunteer groups, and businesses are building innovative solutions to support people leaving their homes to reach safety.

    Here are the top use cases we’re seeing for how impact organizations are leveraging digital communications and Twilio products to support the people displaced by the war in Ukraine. Check out the linked resources to get started building your own communications app, or reach out to our team for additional support. We’re happy to help walk through technical approaches and offer nonprofit product discounts.

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Get Instantly Approved for with TechSoup Nonprofit Verification TechSoup Nonprofit Verification

    Nonprofit organizations innovating with digital technology, you all know the drill — to access benefits like discounted pricing and product donations from a company, you need to dig up a copy of your tax exempt documentation and wait days or weeks for review, only to be asked for additional information to confirm your nonprofit status. Every. Single. Time. It’s frustrating, inefficient, and slows down your progress.

    Our mission at is to unlock the imagination of builders solving social problems. When you have that great idea for accelerating your impact using Twilio, we want to equip you with the resources you need to scale as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

    That’s why today, the product team is launching TechSoup Nonprofit Verification for the Impact Access program. With this new integration, any nonprofit in TechSoup's global community of more than 1 million organizations will now be instantly approved for …

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  • By Christina Frantz
    Twilio helps more than 300 million people access COVID-19 vaccines and trusted information Twilio helps more than 300 million people get COVID-19 vaccine access

    Announces $18 million in vaccine equity grants for UNICEF, Save the Children, Civic Nation and others

    The race to vaccinate the world against COVID-19 calls on all of us to build. If we drive up our worldwide vaccination rate, we can turn COVID-19 from a severe pathogen to a manageable virus. Every vaccination not only helps protect an individual life but also reduces community spread and tames the evolution of variants. Every vaccination means one more person can hug a friend and visit the grocery store with less fear.

    With the pandemic impacting everyone around the world, we believe focusing on vaccine distribution is the best way we can make an impact at Twilio in alignment with our crisis response and prevention focus area.

    That’s why in February,—our social impact arm—committed to helping 1 billion people over two years get access to vaccines.

    Our customers and grantees are …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Vaccine Hesitancy Chatbot Quick Deploy App Now Available Vaccine Hesitancy Quick Deploy App

    As more vaccines for COVID-19 gain approval for public use and production increases, there’s a new barrier to reaching herd immunity – vaccine hesitancy. Concerns about vaccine safety and misinformation contribute to a large portion of the population expressing reluctance to get vaccinated, enabling the further spread of the disease.

    Here’s the good news – this is a challenge we can meet.

    Digital communications can help address people’s concerns and deliver fact-based information at scale. Specifically, information delivered through chatbots by trusted organizations positively impacts an individual’s attitude toward the COVID-19 vaccine.

    The positive influence of bots is twofold. First, chatbots allow people who have concerns to ask their questions in a private, non-judgmental space. Second, chatbots are conversational, and mimic small-group discussions with trusted healthcare providers that are more effective at influencing perspectives than one-way arguments.

    To empower more organizations to quickly create chatbots that address vaccine hesitancy, …

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  • By Erin Reilly, Twilio Chief Social Impact Officer
    Twilio commits $10 million to COVAX for equitable vaccine distribution Gavi COVAX Announcement

    These days, it feels like the world is spinning in two different directions at once.

    In countries that gained access to COVID-19 vaccines first, we’re seeing slowing infection rates and progress toward reopening. However, most of the world’s population has yet to receive access to vaccines, and remains at heightened risk of contracting the disease. Our friends, families, and coworkers in India, Brazil, Colombia, and many other countries around the world are experiencing a surge in cases. We must do more to help our global community.

    In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, everyone needs equitable access to vaccinations. That’s why today, Twilio announced that we’re providing $10 million to COVAX to support development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines for people living in underserved countries.

    COVAX: a global public-private partnership

    Coordinated by Gavi, Unicef, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, and the World Health Organization, COVAX is a …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Creating a COVID-19 vaccine standby list Vaccine Standby List.png

    A new Quick Deploy app to quickly launch a COVID-19 vaccine standby list is now available for public health agencies. Deploy the template here.

    COVID-19 vaccine production is ramping up globally, a cause for new optimism in the global fight to end the pandemic. However, significant distribution challenges remain. Currently, vaccine supply is limited, so health agencies and medical centers face difficult decisions about who gets prioritized for vaccination — each with their own allocation formulas that are evolving in real-time. Meanwhile, many residents are eager to understand when they will become eligible to make an appointment for the vaccine. To ensure a successful and equitable rollout, the ability for health agencies to directly engage with their residents is critical.

    The City of San Francisco, recognizing this challenge, moved quickly to launch a digital vaccine standby list for its residents, with SMS messaging powered by Twilio. This app …

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  • By Susan Lucas Collins
    Twilio partners with Google and Apple to stop COVID-19 with Exposure Notifications Exposure Notifications Header

    One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, with multiple vaccines getting approved in countries around the world. At the same time, global infection rates are near all time highs due to winter seasonality, emerging virus variants, lockdown fatigue, and challenges in public compliance with public health guidelines.

    While there’s good reason for optimism as vaccine distribution accelerates, inoculating 7 billion people will take time. That’s why it’s still essential that we take all available precautionary measures now and in the months to come. It’s also why Twilio is partnering with Google and Apple to power SMS messaging for Exposure Notifications.

    Contact tracing that protects your privacy

    Exposure Notifications is an open source API framework for contact tracing. The software uses Bluetooth to anonymously track human proximity and notify people if they are exposed to COVID-19.

    Here’s how it works. Using short strings …

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