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  • By Jacob Talbot
    Be My Eyes 様、Programmable Video ソリューションを活用し、視覚障害の方へ視界を届けるサービスを提供 Be My Eyes

    この記事は 英語版ブログ記事 の抄訳です。



    日常的な作業から人生の重要な局面まで、視力の存在を多くの人が当然のことだと思っています。しかし、世界中で2億5300万の人々が日常生活に影響を及ぼす視覚障害を抱えています。Be My Eyes(ビー・マイ・アイズ)は、コミュニケーションの力を通じて世界中の視覚障害者や弱視の人々に “見える” を提供したいと考えています。



    視覚障害を乗り越えるために、多くの人が身近な人々に助けを求めますが、これにはそれなりの課題があります。Be My Eyesの最高商業責任者(CCO)であるアレクサンダー・ハウエルズレフ・ジェンセン氏は、「日常の作業を友人や家族に頼ると、人間関係に負担をかけてしまいます。このような依存関係は、視覚障害者が生活 …

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  • By Jacob Talbot
    Be My Eyes Delivers Sight to People with Visual Impairments Using Programmable Video Be My Eyes

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    When was the last time you visited the grocery store, picked up a product, and turned it around to review the ingredients? Stop and imagine if you were unable to read the description. Or consider if you took an at-home pregnancy test, but were unable to view the results.

    From daily tasks to pivotal life moments, many people take their sight for granted. Yet 253 million people around the world have a visual impairment that affects their daily activities. Be My Eyes wants to bring sight to blind and low vision people everywhere through the power of communication.

    Blindness and Personal Independence

    Blindness occurs on a spectrum. Some people can select an item from their pantry, but are unable to …

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  • By Jacob Talbot
    TxDOT Cuts Down the Commute with Traffic Updates via Programmable SMS and Notify my35-screenshot
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    Can a text message create a safer, shorter commute? Researchers at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) think so, and they’re proving it to thousands of Texas drivers each day through a support contract with TxDOT to bring innovation and best practices to a major highway reconstruction effort.

    Some 60,000 to 132,000 vehicles travel the hundred-mile stretch of I-35 from Hillsboro to Salado daily. An eight-year, $2.1 billion project is currently underway to increase mobility and facilitate economic development along the corridor, as well as make commutes safer for Texans. During construction, getting timely, accurate information to travelers about slow-downs and traffic incidents has been a primary goal.

    As part this communications effort, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently implemented real-time alerts about construction-related issues via text. The system notifies drivers about …

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  • By Jacob Talbot
    Good Call Supports Through the Arrest Process When One Call Must Connect good_call_and_legal_aid_lawyers
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    Imagine you’re arrested and your cell phone is taken away. You have only few minutes to make one phone call through a public line to a number you know by heart. Who do you call? Have you memorized their number? Do you have a qualified lawyer available to represent you?

    These are the questions that four social tech entrepreneurs set out to solve with Good Call, a free 24/7 legal hotline serving New York City’s Bronx borough.

    “We heard dozens of stories from people arrested for either really trivial reasons, like hopping a turnstile or forgetting to pay a ticket, or for no reason at all—just for fitting ‘the description,’” explains Gabe Leader-Rose, co-founder and project manager of Good Call. “They all said how hard it was to get in touch with …

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  • By Meghan Murphy
    Portfoliyo: Boosting Student Success Through Communication Between Teachers and Parents teach_for_america

    Portfoliyo is part of the program, committed to supporting nonprofit and social good organizations using communications technologies. Learn more about how your nonprofit can utilize communications at

    Harsh Patel Portfolyio
    Harsh Patel

    Harsh Patel spent over two years at Teach for America with 5th and 8th graders, teaching math and science. When looking back on his experience, Harsh realized his biggest challenge during the school year wasn’t communicating with students — it was communicating with their parents. This realization led him to build Portfoliyo, an organized and easy-to-use tool focused on teacher-parent communications, powered by Twilio Messaging.

    Harsh’s main issue in connec …

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