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TwilioQuest posts

  • By Ashley Boucher
    How to Use Postman to Make Requests and Test APIs Copy of TwilioQuest  Blog Headers  1200X628.png

    This post is a part of a series that supports an expanded adventure, as of May 2022, in TwilioQuest, but it will be relevant to anyone curious about Postman. Happy reading!

    Ahoy, operator. Congratulations on gaining acceptance into the Arcane Academy of API Arts. I’m Professor Rose Barrington, head of House Hopper. In House Hopper we believe that code is everywhere. We use tools to magnify our magic and bring code to smart devices all over the world. One tool, in particular, that supports our work is Postman.

    Postman is “an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration.”

    You can see why students in House Hopper would make great use of this tool! If you’re exploring your connection to House Hopper, feel free to read this lesson, where I’ll be explaining more about what Postman …

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  • By Jordan Schuetz
    Join Twilio at our GDC 2022 After Party GDC 2022 Meetup Header

    Hello game developers! We can’t wait to see you at the Game Developers Conference this year for an exciting after hours event featuring Sledgehammer Games, Microsoft, and Twilio. My name is Jordan Schuetz, and I work here at Twilio as a Senior Product Marketing Manager of Developer Experience.

    Twilio and SF Game Development are excited to host a DNA Lounge meetup featuring the COO of Sledgehammer Games, Andrew Wilson. SF Game Development is excited to be partnering with Twilio on this event and has a community of over 1500 game developers, engineers, writers, designers, and students. To RSVP for the FREE event on March 23rd at 6pm PDT, click the link below:

    GDC 2022 Party: What to expect

    GDC week is filled with tons of fun activities both during and after the conference. For 2022, we hope to see you at DNA Lounge at 375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco …

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  • By Luís Leão
    Nova arte, novas ferramentas e novas aventuras – a versão 3.2 do TwilioQuest já está disponível TwilioQuest versão 3.2

    Desde o lançamento do TwilioQuest 3.1, mais de 100.000 jogadores atenderam ao chamado para se tornarem Operadores, dedicando aproximadamente 5 milhões de minutos de tempo total de jogo para combater os maus sistemas legados. Agora, é hora de dar o próximo grande passo nessa jornada.

    A equipe TwilioQuest tem o prazer de anunciar que o TwilioQuest 3.2, o próximo grande capítulo do jogo educacional TwilioQuest para PC, já está disponível! Baixe agora em, ou se você já tiver o inicializador do TwilioQuest instalado, basta acionar o inicializador para obter a versão mais recente. A equipe tem trabalhado arduamente no último ano para tornar o lançamento de hoje uma realidade, e mal podemos esperar para ouvir o que você pensa.

    O que há de novo na versão 3.2, você pode perguntar? Vamos conferir!

    Arte original totalmente nova

    A primeira atualização que irá notar é um novo visual em todo …

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  • By Amoretta Cockerham
    Team TwilioQuest: Translation Retrospective TwilioQuest Extension to Education

    Translation retrospective

    My role for the past few months has been as a community developer and content translator for the Japanese-language version of TwilioQuest – two distinct ‘hats’ that complement each other well, when you think about the skills involved in translating game content. But before I delve further into an explanation of my experience translating TwilioQuest, I want to talk about my appreciation for the game’s purpose and the people playing it.

    Why this work matters to me

    When I first spoke to Margaret about working on TwilioQuest, I was most drawn to the possibilities of the gamification of difficult subjects. I myself am an academic at heart - I’ve always been at home in academia, and when I am unsure of where I’m going, that’s the place I return to. I know all too well, however, that this isn’t the case for everyone. Many people are not comfortable …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    SIGNALで発表されたTwilioQuest 3.2を使って自分だけのエクステンションを作成するには TwilioQuest 3 - Extension

    SIGNAL 2021 カンファレンスのブログシリーズ、第5回目、並びに「Qiita Advent Calendar - Twilioを使うためのコツ、TIPSなど、Twilioのことなら何でも共有しよう!」 1日目を同時に投稿します。


    第1回(SIGNALカンファレンスの超速報)、第2回(基調講演の振り返り)、第3回(SIGNAL TVをMCの立場から振り返る)、第4回(Twilio SIGNAL 2021 イベント〜製品アナウンスの振り返り)に続いてSIGNALで発表されたTwilioQuest 3.2の詳細やエクステンションの開発方法について紹介します。


    TwilioQuestはゲームをプレイするようにさまざまな開発スキルを向上できるチュートリアルです。2019年に当時の最新バージョンである「TwilioQuest 3」がリリースされました。Twilio製品の利用方法だけでなく、Pythonのようなプログラミング言語や、GitHub(ソフトウェア開発プラットフォーム)の使い方などを学習できます。


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  • By Ryan Kubik
    TwilioQuest Authoring: Play Community Content and Build Your Own TwilioQuest Authoring Play Community Content and Build Your Own.png

    Share Custom Content with Extensions

    TwilioQuest 3.2 ships with a big new feature called “Extensions”. With this feature, you can now load in missions, maps, and objects created by the TwilioQuest community alongside Twilio authored content. This means you can now build your own content too!

    At a high level, an extension is one root folder composed of a series of folders containing images, scripts, and maps. TwilioQuest reads all of this information from extensions you've installed to create new missions for you to play.

    We build all of the bundled content in TwilioQuest with these extensions too. You can check out how we built every mission in the game on the TwilioQuest Github account.

    Extensions Gallery

    To help you discover new community content to play, we've built an Extensions Gallery as well. This gallery lets you or anyone else submit a TwilioQuest extension straight to the TwilioQuest team …

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  • By Margaret Staples
    TwilioQuestを活用して教育力をアップ TwilioQuest Extension to Education

    このBlogはTwilioQuestチームのMargaret Staplesこちらで公開した記事を日本語化したものです。






    • 大規模プロジェクトを、個々の実行可能なステップに分解する
    • さまざまな分野を取り込み、1つにまとめる
    • 複雑なアイデアを、幅広い対象者に伝える
    • チームメイトのレベルアップ(スキル向上)に寄与する


    自分の専門知識をTwili …

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    How to Build a TwilioQuest Extension and Add Your Own Content to the Game tq-extension.png

    TwilioQuest enthusiasts, game developers, educators...rejoice! You can now build your own TwilioQuest (TQ) extensions. You can design new levels, write your own code challenges, and contribute to the TwilioQuest ecosystem.

    In this article, you’ll learn the mechanics of developing a TwilioQuest extension. You’ll build a VR Training mission, whose goal is to teach the player how to send an SMS message with Twilio. As part of building the training mission, you’ll:

    • Plan out learning objectives for the mission
    • Design a level map used Tiled
    • Validate players’ responses to each objective using JavaScript and Node.js


    To start, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

    • Node.js installed on your machine, along with a package manager like npm or yarn
    • A free Twilio account (sign up with this link and get $10 in free credit when you upgrade your account)
    • A GitHub account

    Set up your development environment

    Before …

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  • By Ryan Kubik
    Building Custom Extensions: The Twin Stick Training Range TwilioQuest Logo

    This is the first post in a series where I'll make an extension on an interesting topic in a day or two. Afterward, I'll share the source code and a short write up with some details about the extension.

    TwilioQuest is all about having fun while learning. With the new extension authoring tools, we've created there are more opportunities for fun than ever. For this first post, I wanted to focus entirely on the fun side of things. Without further ado, let me present this state of the art training simulation where you can train to defeat Cedric's evil twin, Fredric.

    Check out the source on GitHub!

    Prototyping new features using world.__internals

    We've talked on the team about how many cool things we could do in TwilioQuest if we could spawn arbitrary objects while the game is running. I wanted to explore what it takes to get that going in …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    TwilioQuestオペレーター養成キャンペーン開催 TQ content for Japan 2021 Summer

    Twilio Developer Evangelistの池原です。昨日、TwilioQuest 3 日本語プレビュー版のリリースをアナウンスしましたが、このリリースを記念し、「TwilioQuestオペレーター養成キャンペーン」を実施します!

    このキャンペーンではTwilioQuest 3日本語プレビュー版をインストールし、特定のミッションをクリアしたプレイヤーを対象として毎週2名の方にApple AirPods Proを進呈します。また、最終週には「TwilioQuestグランドチャンピオンシップ 2021 Summer」を開催します。この、「TwilioQuestグランドチャンピオンシップ 2021 Summer」では制限時間内に獲得した経験値を競うハイスコアチャレンジを実施し、優勝者にはApple M1 Macbook Pro(13インチ)を進呈します!



    日程 (日本時間)


    ラウンド1: 2021年07月12日(月) - 2021年07月18日(日)

    抽選日: 2021年07月19日(月)12:00

    AirPods Pro x 2名様

    ラウンド2: 2021年07月19日(月) - 2021年07月25日(日)

    抽選日: 2021年07月26日(月)12:00

    AirPods Pro x 2名様

    ラウンド3: 2021年07月26日(月) - 2021年08月01日(日)

    抽選日: 2021年08月02日 …

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