How To Create a Simple Phone Menu Using Twilio Twimlets

Let’s create a simple phone menu to greet callers and forward the call to the right person using Twimlets, small web applications that implement voice functionality. Since Twimlets are stateless and all the required data is stored in the URL parameters, you won’t need to host this anywhere. All you need to start is a Twilio account. Since it’s possible to nest Twimlets within each other, we can… Read More

Build Your Own Call Forwarding System Using Twilio Twimlets

In this how to, we show you how to build your own call forwarding system by using Twimlets to implement a call transferring functionality where you can give out one phone number (your Twilio number), so that when someone dials that number, Twilio will ring multiple phones and connect the call to the first person to pick-up and accept the call. In case no one picks… Read More