Twilio Channels: A New Way Reach Customers in Apps They Already Use

Multi-channel messaging Twilio Channels

Use Twilio APIs to send and receive messages on multiple channels. Works with Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Viber, LINE, SendGrid, HipChat, and Kik. More channels, such as WeChat and BlackBerry Messenger, coming soon. Last year we announced a Facebook Messenger integration that let you use the Twilio APIs, docs, and developer tools you’re already familiar with to send and receive messages on Messenger. Today, we’re… Read More

Fun with Markov Chains, Python, and Twilio SMS

One of the many allures of Twitter is that you can tweet at your favorite celebrity and (maybe) get a response. Still though, tweeting isn’t quite as intimate as trading text messages. So we thought it’d be fun to use Markov Chains, Programmable SMS, and Python to create a bot that impersonates your favorite Twitter personality.  We could use the code below to create an SMS chat bot that sounds… Read More

Receive Twitter Notifications by SMS with EventMachine and the Twitter Streaming API (Send and Receive Tweets Using SMS with Twilio Part 3)

I’ve been having fun with the Twitter and Twilio APIs recently. First was the release of a tool to send and receive Tweets using SMS and Twilio. In part 2 I started to dig into how the app was built, starting with how to send a Tweet with SMS. Now it’s time to look into how the other side works: how to send SMS notifications when… Read More

Building an Unconference App For RailsConf with Twilio and Twitter

Jeff Linwood is a software developer based in Austin, Texas with LeanMeanTech. He recently was challenged with building a way to organize content around the Unconference during RailsConf. We asked Jeff if he would share his story about building an app with Twilio and Twitter, and how he did it. Follow @JeffLinwood and read about his many ongoing projects on his blog. How do you keep everyone at… Read More

Join Us for the Social Apps Workshop on Saturday, July 24th

Are you interested in building social apps using Twitter and Facebook?  If so, then the Social App Workshop is the event for you.  Come learn from experts, hack with other developers, and build your next app.  You’ll have the chance to show off what you’ve created and give and receive feedback. Speakers: Matt Harris, Twitter Matt Kelley, Facebook Jeff Lawson, Twilio Oren Teich, Heroku Sam Ramji,… Read More

Shane Jones Wins Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest with 140Call

After much debate among the judges, its finally is time to announce the winner of the Twitter + Twilio mashup contest from a couple weeks back.  To fill you in, Twilio has a developer contest every week (or two) encouraging developers to explore new use cases, integrations with other service and APIs, and creative ways to integrate voice communications with web apps.  Learn more on our… Read More