Travis Spencer Presents Twilio + Twitter Mashup at Demolicious! Tonight in Portland

Travis Spencer reached out to us last week to let us know about an event being held in Beaverton, Oregon tonight where he will be presenting a Twilio plus Twitter mashup.  Demolicious! is hosted by the Portland Web Innovators, as part of the Portland Incubator Experiment for startups in the area. A Twitter Bot That Literally Speaks Travis blogged about his bot earlier this week, explaining… Read More

Call Twitter Friends with One Click Using TweetToCall

Hi this is Danielle Morrill, and I’m the Director of Marketing here at Twilio.  I’d like to share with you a Twitter project that I helped build using Twilio in my “20% time”. I was originally turned on to web telephony when I came across Stuart Henshall and his product Phweet, so when Jeff offered me a job at Twilio I jumped for the chance.  Now… Read More

Nathan & Joe Show Hits the Road – Tonight 7:30PM ET at Comix NY

The Nathan + Joe Show is the first live stage show based on the world of the internet, geared toward the tech nerd in everyone. In addition to being sensationally funny on video, Nathan Phillips and Joe Schiappa have found one of the most creative uses yet for building an IVR with Twilio.  Give them a call to hear portions of their comedy act in a… Read More