Online Dating Service HintCafe Powers Secure Phone Calls with Twilio

Congratulations to the HintCafe team!  Today the company announced they are now offering a secure calling service, powered by Twilio, that allows those seeking love on HintCafe to call each other without revealling their personal phone numbers. How It Works 1. Sign up for HintCafe, and set up your profile: 2.  Validate your phone number 3.  Fund your HintCafe talk time with minutes 4.  Search for… Read More

Things You Can Do in 3 Hours

As we often do, we sat down this morning and started making a list.  Today’s list was: Things You Can Do in 3 Hours Roast a 16 lb. turkey Watch most of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Build a post-by-phone feature for a hot tumblelogging service (Tumblr did the third) That’s right, Tumblr’s developers got wind of Twilio last week, and within a… Read More

Using Conditional Call Forwarding and Twilio

Conditional call forwarding is a little discussed feature available on practically all major cell phone carriers.   The idea is simple: by entering a brief code, you can instruct your cellphone to forward calls missed calls to an alternate phone number, rather than dumping the caller into your providers voicemail system.  You can forward all calls, all missed calls, or just specific types of missed calls this… Read More

Real-time Ann Arbor Parking Availability By Phone

Patrick and Fred in Ann Arbor Michigan came up with a neat little voice application for checking parking space availability by phone. “The parking garages in Ann Arbor provide nice signs in front displaying in brightly lit numbers, the amount of available spaces remaining. Ann Arbor also posts this information on the web at the A2DDA website. An idea came to mind that basically, you can… Read More

Voicemail for Twilio with Twilio

I have a confession to make. When we launched a few weeks ago, we printed our 877-8-TWILIO phone number on the site.  And about an hour before launch, we realized we hadn’t wired that phone number up to anything! How embarrassing for a phone company, right? So we very quickly (<5 minutes) whipped up a simple voicemail application to answer that line, records a message and emails it… Read More

Sending a Message via Phone from your Web Application

Twilio makes sending audio messages from your application to a telephone easy. Let’s go through a simple example of how to initiate a call to a phone number and play a message when the call is answered First, we will need a simple TwiML document to play the message. <!– –> <Response> <Say>Hello! This was a message sent by Twilio</Say> </Response> Save the text of… Read More

Simple informational line using Twilio

One of the very simplest things to do with Twilio is to provide simple static audio messages to callers. You could use this for things like a Dial-a-song, or business hours, or daily work site instructions. All you need is a little space on a dumb web host and the following bit of XML. <Response> <Say> Today’s Worksite – November 20th. Meet at 480 Frederick St… Read More