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Online Dating Service HintCafe Powers Secure Phone Calls with Twilio

Congratulations to the HintCafe team!  Today the company announced they are now offering a secure calling service, powered by Twilio, that allows those seeking love…Full Article

Things You Can Do in 3 Hours

As we often do, we sat down this morning and started making a list.  Today’s list was: Things You Can Do in 3 Hours Roast…Full Article

Call CSVs from REST API script

A customer asked today if our API can provide call records in a CSV format.  It’s a perfectly reasonable request, and something we could clearly…Full Article

Using Conditional Call Forwarding and Twilio

Conditional call forwarding is a little discussed feature available on practically all major cell phone carriers.   The idea is simple: by entering a brief code,…Full Article

Look out for Saint Valentino…

Our friends who created IamSaintNick.com are at it again… watch out for IamSaintValentino coming just in time for February’s love fest.

Real-time Ann Arbor Parking Availability By Phone

Patrick and Fred in Ann Arbor Michigan came up with a neat little voice application for checking parking space availability by phone. “The parking garages…Full Article

Voicemail for Twilio with Twilio

I have a confession to make. When we launched a few weeks ago, we printed our 877-8-TWILIO phone number on the site.  And about an…Full Article

Sending a Message via Phone from your Web Application

Twilio makes sending audio messages from your application to a telephone easy. Let’s go through a simple example of how to initiate a call to…Full Article

Simple informational line using Twilio

One of the very simplest things to do with Twilio is to provide simple static audio messages to callers. You could use this for things…Full Article