Ringing In The Anniversary of Callin’ Oates

One year ago today Callin’ Oates, the emergency Hall and Oates hotline, launched with much fanfare. And to celebrate, the Callin’ Oates family is growing, with eight brand spankin’ new (old) Hall and Oates tracks and four additional punny hotlines to welcome into the fold. Then a newly minted Twilion and die-hard Hall & Oates fan, Michael Selvidge originally built the hotline alongside Reid Butler with… Read More

Trulia gives real estate agents an edge with Instant Leads

For a real estate agent in pursuit of a hot lead, speed is everything. According to a study by Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT, an agent’s odds of successfully contacting an online lead are 100 times higher if the lead hears back from the agent within five minutes of filling out an online form. Understanding the central importance of rapid responses to an agent’s bottom line,… Read More

People Patcher – Get Your Friends to Make Up

Every relationship has it’s ups and downs, now you can help your friends talk through tough times. Mike Lewis created People Patcher to “anonymously phone-conference two friends together, whether they want to talk or not.” What’s the back story of People Patcher? People Patcher was one of those ideas that crept up in my head when I was laying down to sleep. I had just seen… Read More

Awesomeness Reminders Make a Great Holiday Gift

How great would it be if someone called you everyday, just to tell you how awesome you are?  This is the question Awesomeness Reminders poses on their website, and their service let’s you purchase a month of calls to family or friends to do just that.  What an awesome While Awesomeness Reminders could use Twilio to automate messages, this would take away the special appeal of… Read More

New Lower Pricing for Twilio Voice, Save 29% on Average

We have reduced our voice API prices today, and we’re excited to announce that customers will save 29% on average.  This new pricing model impacts inbound calls to Twilio phone numbers, as well as outbound calls to U.S. and Canadian numbers. You may recall that we announced an 80% decrease in the price of phone numbers back in February when we launched our SMS API. We’re… Read More

Conferous Launches – David K. Pham Wins Twilio Developer Contest for Conferencing

Last we released ridiculously simple conferencing as a new feature of our phone API, and we challenged developers to take this feature to come up with submissions to the contest. Congratulations to David K. Pham, winner of last week’s Twilio developer contest with Conferous – a elegantly simple way to set up a professional conference line for your business. Interview with David K. Pham What gave… Read More