Valley Curbside Recycling Uses Twilio to Answer Their Phone

We’re always discovering new ways that Twilio is being put to use to help businesses function more efficiently, and Valley Curbside Recycling has implemented a textbook case for how using Twilio can streamline business processes to save both time and money. Customer Interview: Ryan Stewart on Using Twilio Twilio: How did you hear about Twilio? Ryan: On Twitter, I think. Twilio: Tell us about how you… Read More

This is Your Traffic Manager Speaking – ZXTM, Scala, and Twilio

Today the Zeus Software team published an article on their websites that provides an interesting walk-through of how to voice enable Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager (ZXTM) using Scala, and get started with Twilio. Using these instructions, you can configure the traffic manager to receive phone calls using Twilio.  The two menu options are: hear a node error summary set ZXTM throttling For all the details, check… Read More