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Voice Insights posts

  • By Michael Carpenter
    Voice Insights機能、より一層使いやすくなっています! TwVoiceInsightsRefreshJP

    この記事はMichael Carpenterこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    Twilio VoiceサービスのVoice Insights機能に関するドキュメントをご覧になるのが久しぶりという方もおられるでしょう。あるいは、RSSリーダーを設定してTwilioのchangelog*1からの通知内容をチェックしたり、Twitter上でTwilioのchangelogをフォローしたりする時間がないという方もおられるでしょう。でも大丈夫です。本稿では、過去数か月の間にVoice Insightsに追加された新機能を分かりやすくご案内いたします。

    (*1 日本語翻訳による補足説明は、こちらからご確認いただけます。英語オリジナルと併用のうえ、ご活用ください。)

    Voice Insightsダッシュボード多次元フィルター

    Twilioコンソール(管理画面)のVoice Insightsダッシュボード(コンソール>Monitorタブ>Insights>Calls)には、以前から多次元フィルターが搭載されていましたが、フィルタービルダー(フィルターを設定する画面部分)はもう一息という部分もありました。例えば、多次元でフィルタリングを行いたい場合でも、特定の国を通話先(To)とするか発信元(From)とするかのどちらかを選択する必要があり、混在させることはできませんでした。これに対し、Twilioではバックエンドに変更を加え、異なる方向性の次元( …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Catching up with Voice Insights image (1).png

    Maybe it's been a while since you poked around the Voice Insights docs, or you haven't had time to set up an RSS reader to check out items from Twilio's Changelog or follow the changelog on Twitter. Don't sweat it! We are only too happy to give you a guided tour of new features and capabilities that have been added to Voice Insights in the past few months.

    catching up.png

    Voice Insights Dashboard Multidimensional Filters

    The Voice Insights Dashboard in Console has had multidimensional filtering for a while now, but the filter builder left a little something to be desired. You couldn't mix directions so, for example, you had to choose either calls To a given country or From a given country if you wanted to filter on multiple dimensions. We have implemented changes on the backend that enable mixing dimensions from different directions. We have also updated the filter builder …

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  • By Julie Griffin
    9 Steps to Improve VoIP Call Quality VoIP Call Quality

    You’re in a virtual meeting over Voice over IP (VoIP) pitching to potential customers what could be the biggest deal of your career. It’s going splendidly—you hit every mark, never stumble, even work in a joke and time the punchline perfectly. But as you’re wrapping up your pitch, someone cuts in—“Hey, you’ve been frozen for the last couple of minutes. Can you start from the top?” Ouch.

    You’re a victim of poor VoIP quality, and while you could blame the internet connection or your internet service provider (ISP), there are actually a few factors within either your control or your company’s control that could be affecting your call experience.

    How VoIP data is transferred

    To understand what might be going wrong with your VoIP calls, it’s important to first know how data is transferred on a VoIP call.

    1. When you’re on a call, the data is broken into small chunks …
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  • By Julie Griffin
    Understanding Packet Loss and How to Fix It Understanding-packet-loss

    Have you ever had a video call with someone when every other word is cutting out, and the video is moving in slo-mo? “Hey - are - today? - you - help - anything?” Leads to really productive conversations…

    Or how about when you play a video game, like Fortnite, and you have the target aimed perfectly at your opponent, but nothing happens to your opponent. Instead, you’ve lost your life, and all your weapons are up for grabs. Both instances could be the effect of packet loss.

    What is a data packet?

    To understand packet loss, it’s important to first know what a data packet is. When data is transmitted across the internet, the Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/ IP) breaks down the data into smaller chunks called packets to make it easier to transfer. Once all of the data packets have arrived at the destination, the data …

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  • By Julie Griffin
    Understanding Latency Understanding-Latency.png

    What is latency?

    In the digital world, latency does not describe a skill or desire that has not yet been actualized nor does it describe an inactive pathogen. Instead, it refers to the time it takes for data to transfer. To get more specific, let’s look at the different types of latency.

    Network latency

    Network latency is the delay in your action and the Internet’s response to your action. For example, if you click a web page and it takes a while to load, the time it takes to load is the latency (also known as lag).

    To get a bit more technical, network latency can be described as the time it takes for a data packet to travel roundtrip from the sender to the receiver then back to the sender. This is also called round trip time (RTT). The time is often completed in milliseconds, but those milliseconds can …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Announcing General Availability of Voice Insights: Call quality and performance data at your fingertips Voice Insights Blog Header

    Understanding the quality and the performance of your voice calls is critical to ensuring great customer experiences. Bad call experiences lead to frustrated customers, lost relationships, and have a real financial impact on businesses. However, call quality issues have traditionally been hard to troubleshoot because of the opaqueness that comes standard in the telephony industry, often referred to as the “black box of telephony.”

    Voice Insights is a big data analytics platform that captures data from every single call that takes place on the Twilio platform, giving unparalleled visibility into call quality and call performance. We feel empowering customers with this level of visibility should be the standard, not the exception. That’s why we are now including Voice Insights with every Twilio voice minute, at no extra cost.

    With Voice Insights we set out to demystify the traditional black box and provide total visibility into every call that takes place …

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