All Stories from SIGNAL 2017

Are you sitting down? Alright, good. Post-SIGNAL, your head is likely spinning from the whirlwind of announcements. Never fear, we’ve got the rundown for you. No two developer tool belts are alike. There are 1.6 million of your fellow developers on the Twilio platform. Each of them—including you—is building something to solve a nuanced problem, with a nuanced set of tools. SIGNAL just put your tool… Read More

Coming Soon – Twilio Frame, UI Components for in-app Chat, Voice, & Video

Twilio Frame UI Kit and components

UI components and tools for JS, iOS, and Android. Integrated with Programmable Chat, Video, and Voice SDKs. Coming soon to a Twilio SDK near you. Today at SIGNAL, we announced Twilio Frame, a set of UI components and tools for embedding chat, voice and video in your web and mobile apps. Twilio Frame provides you with the tools to quickly build a rich, branded visual experience… Read More

Introducing Speech Recognition – Public Beta Now Open

Speech Recognition for Programmable Voice Twilio

Convert speech to text and analyze its intent during any voice call. Support for 89 languages and dialects. Available now in public beta. Speech is a powerful and expressive medium for customer communications. With speech technology improving massively over the last four years, we were excited to leverage that progress to finally offer Twilio developers a speech recognition feature for Programmable Voice. Starting today, Twilio Speech… Read More

Announcing Phone Numbers in 70 countries, Transparent Toll-Free Pricing, and Hosted SMS

Global Expansion

SMS in 5 new countries, Voice in 13 new countries, Toll-free in 27 new countries. Toll-free priced by inbound caller type lets you pay only for what you use. Add SMS to your existing US & CA phone numbers without changing voice providers. Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. When engaging with your customers, phone numbers are a great example of… Read More

Developer Digest: Automating Wedding Stress Away in Python

Old things are new again, just new in a different way. That old NES you used to play Super Mario Bros on…? Well Andrew Reitano’s newly-hacked NES lets strangers turn any level into a water level with one text. This issue of the Developer Digest celebrates the developers making the old new and novel, from fax machines, to wedding invitations, to that trusty old password you… Read More

New Phone Numbers Available in 12 Countries

Phone Numbers from Twilio for Voice, SMS, Mobile

We’re always working hard to expand our global coverage, and today, we’re excited to announce that you can now use Twilio phone numbers in the following countries: Local Voice numbers: Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, and Slovenia Mobile SMS numbers: Latvia, Portugal, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan With a local phone number, your customers can reach you by calling a familiar area code. The… Read More

Voice Insights for Chrome gets a facelift

Voice Insights is an analytics tool that provides you with actionable insights into metrics that affect call quality in real time, even when a call is in progress. We are excited to announce the latest updates to Voice Insights based on your fantastic feedback. We enhanced our Voice Insights dashboards to let you easily track and understand your end users’ experience with Twilio. Sitting behind these… Read More

How to Dial and Answer Phone Calls with Spark and Java 8 in IntelliJ

Spark, IntelliJ, Java and Twilio Voice logos

Java web applications can easily dial and receive phone calls by combining the Spark web framework with the Twilio Voice API. Our example phone calls will say a snippet of text then play an MP3 file, but they can easily be modified to provide other useful actions like gathering user input from the number pad or creating conference calls. Our Project Tools Our Spark web app will use the Java… Read More