New Phone Numbers Available in 12 Countries

Phone Numbers from Twilio for Voice, SMS, Mobile

We’re always working hard to expand our global coverage, and today, we’re excited to announce that you can now use Twilio phone numbers in the following countries: Local Voice numbers: Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, and Slovenia Mobile SMS numbers: Latvia, Portugal, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan With a local phone number, your customers can reach you by calling a familiar area code. The… Read More

Voice Insights for Chrome gets a facelift

Voice Insights is an analytics tool that provides you with actionable insights into metrics that affect call quality in real time, even when a call is in progress. We are excited to announce the latest updates to Voice Insights based on your fantastic feedback. We enhanced our Voice Insights dashboards to let you easily track and understand your end users’ experience with Twilio. Sitting behind these… Read More

How to Dial and Answer Phone Calls with Spark and Java 8 in IntelliJ

Spark, IntelliJ, Java and Twilio Voice logos

Java web applications can easily dial and receive phone calls by combining the Spark web framework with the Twilio Voice API. Our example phone calls will say a snippet of text then play an MP3 file, but they can easily be modified to provide other useful actions like gathering user input from the number pad or creating conference calls. Our Project Tools Our Spark web app will use the Java… Read More

More Accurate Call Transcriptions Available Now

Phone call transcription is a must-have for any modern contact center. Not only do transcriptions play a role in training and quality assurance, but they also offer important insights into customer experience. Having the greatest possible accuracy is critical, because these words are driving business decisions. Anyone who’s experienced a failed autocorrect knows how errors in a conversation can change the meaning of what’s being said…. Read More

How to Make and Receive Phone Calls with Python, Bottle and Twilio Voice

Python, Bottle and Twilio Voice logos

Python web applications that combine the Bottle web framework with the Twilio Voice API can easily make and receive phone calls. Our calls will read a snippet of text then play an MP3 file. The call instructions can be modified to provide other useful actions such as gathering input from the number pad or putting all callers together in a conference call. Our Project Tools Our Bottle application… Read More

Build a Fantasy Football Hotline with Ruby and Twilio Voice

A phone was once the fastest way for a sports fan to get their news. In the 70s, 80s and 90s a business called Sports Phone served as a fan’s lifeline for up-to-the minute sports reports. Grantland recently ran this fascinating piece on the rise and fall of Sports Phone: The concept couldn’t be simpler: You call a number and hear a minute-long message with the latest scores and sports… Read More

Engineering Chance Out Of The Equation: Athena Fights Assault Programmatically

Yasmine Mustafa recognizes that chance might have saved her life. But that doesn’t preclude her from fighting against it.   Her earliest memory is huddling together with her friends, family, and neighbors as they braced for the next bomb to rattle their bomb shelter. Moments later, two men would come calling for her baby brother. These U.S. Embassy employees escorted her whole family out of Kuwait… Read More

How to Add Phone Calling Bots to Slack with Python

Make phone calls from Slack using a Python bot

Slack is awesome for text and emoji-based conversations with colleagues. However, sometimes it’s far easier to quickly answer a question over the phone. While Slack is just starting to add voice calling between users, there is no way to patch someone in by their good old telephone number. Let’s add phone calls to Slack by creating a bot with Python, Twilio and the Slack Real Time… Read More