Build an Office Phone Manager with Django, Heroku and Twilio

A common desire that I often hear from office managers is the need to replace their entire office phone stack with a collection of “work” phone numbers that they can program to call employee’s personal or work phones. This would remove their need to invest in at-desk phone hardware and get tied into long term contracts. They also want to be able to easily change what… Read More

An easier way to write TwiML templates in Rails and Sinatra


We recently had a discussion between some members of the Developer Evangelism team about how best to write TwiML within a Ruby application. There are a few methods available to a developer right now: handwrite the XML (ugh!), use the builder gem or take advantage of the twilio-ruby gem’s Twilio::TwiML::Response object. Writing XML by hand can get messy very quickly. Building up a Twilio::TwiML::Response gets unwieldy… Read More

Getting Started with Twilio and the Laravel framework for PHP


One of the things I’m grateful for in my work so far is having the chance to write meaningful code in many different programming languages. Most recently this has been JavaScript (node/browser), Objective-C, and Ruby, but I cut my teeth as a Java/JEE developer, developed huge Adobe Flex apps in ActionScript 3, and have been asked to contribute code (for good or ill) in C#, Python,… Read More

Securing Your Ruby Webhooks with Rack Middleware


Hello fellow Rubyist, I see you have your shiny new Twilio application written, perhaps a Rails app or Sinatra, like in our Ruby quickstart guide. Before you hit that deploy button, you need to stop and ask yourself a couple of questions about that app. Do your webhooks expose sensitive data when they receive a request? Do they change data within your system? If your answer… Read More

Getting Started With Twilio and Java Play Framework


Version 2.3 of the Java Play Framework has recently been released with a move away from the ‘play’ command to the ‘activator’ command. TypeSafe UI has been bundled in as well as support for Java 8. The full announcement can be read here. It seems like a good time to take a look at using Twilio with Play Framework. Here’s is what we are going to… Read More

Radish Streamlines Customer Support Calls with ChoiceView, Visual IVR


Sitting on hold while trying to contact customer support is tedious and time consuming. But, navigating through a never-ending phone tree of options can be even worse. Radish Systems is trying to streamline the process of getting to an operator, and getting the help you need by using a Twilio powered Visual IVR. Radish Systems’ Visual IVR, ChoiceView, lets the caller navigate through the phone tree… Read More

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Gets Patients To Appointments With Twilio Voice + SMS


[Arkansas Children’s Hospital is part of the program, committed to supporting nonprofit and social good organizations using communications technologies. Learn more about how your nonprofit can utilize communications at]  Arkansas Children’s Hospital, located in Little Rock, Ark., has a clear mission: to improve children’s health by providing integrated patient care, research, education and prevention. As the only pediatric medical center in Arkansas, and the… Read More