Screen capture in Firefox

Screen sharing is a hugely useful feature you can build into a video chat. We recently saw how to capture the screen using Chrome. Support in only one browser is not much fun so you’ll be pleased to hear we can access screen capture in Firefox too. Let’s see how. What you need Firefox A text editor A local web server – I like to use… Read More

Programmable Video Adds Support for Safari 11, Improves Performance w/ H.264 Codec, and More

Today, we’re proud to announce a host of new Programmable Video features that will help you reach more users with an even better live video experience. Support for Safari 11 on iOS and macOS: Reach nearly any web user on any platform with live video within the web browser. Support for Safari on macOS was added in version 1.2.1 of twilio-video.js, and support for Safari on… Read More

SIP Interface adds support for international regions

connect to anything with twilio

We’re excited to share that SIP Interface now supports international regions, including North America (Virginia, Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney), and South America (São Paulo). This means that when you send SIP to Twilio, or receive SIP from Twilio, you can specify the region that’s closest to the location of your communications infrastructure to ensure the best quality of service. Sending SIP to… Read More

Announcing Voice Insights for Carrier Calls

Twilio Voice Insights

Monitor call quality of the carrier leg of Twilio calls. Pricing starts at $0.0025/min. Volume discounts available. Now available in public beta. Last fall, we introduced Voice Insights to help you monitor the quality of WebRTC calls in your Twilio Client-powered apps. With real-time metrics on WebRTC calls, issues that once took days of back-and-forth with your customers and ISPs can now be diagnosed in seconds… Read More

Voice Insights for Chrome gets a facelift

Voice Insights is an analytics tool that provides you with actionable insights into metrics that affect call quality in real time, even when a call is in progress. We are excited to announce the latest updates to Voice Insights based on your fantastic feedback. We enhanced our Voice Insights dashboards to let you easily track and understand your end users’ experience with Twilio. Sitting behind these… Read More

Announcing Voice Insights for WebRTC

Today, we’re excited to introduce Voice Insights, available in Beta for Twilio Client’s Javascript SDK v1.3 or later. As the name implies, Voice Insights gives you detailed metrics on all the changing network and device conditions that can affect WebRTC call quality. And because it’s API accessible, your application can use this data to actually improve the experience of live calls within desktop and mobile browsers. You turn… Read More

Welcome Kurento WebRTC team to Twilio

Kurento WebRTC media server team joins Twilio

The Twilio family is growing: The team behind Kurento Media Server is joining Twilio. Based in Madrid, Spain, the Kurento team has quickly made their project the reference media server stack for WebRTC media processing on the Internet. Racking up over 20,000 downloads over the past twelve months and spawning more than 200 projects on GitHub, Kurento’s modular architecture and developer ethos make a perfect fit to… Read More

Whisbi Builds A Better Customer Engagement Experience With WebRTC and Twilio

Imagine your dream car. Now imagine you’re in the stereotypical car commercial, whipping down a windy mountain road. What color is the car? What type of upholstery did you choose? Did you go for the upgraded navigation system? Instead of managing those variables in your head, Whisbi lets you do that on screen, with a salesperson on the line to help you make your choice. Whisbi… Read More