Scaling For The White House: Wedgies Powers The State of The Union Polling


There’s an old saying “Opportunity knocks but once.” Nowadays, opportunity ditched the whole knocking thing and prefers to send emails via a contact form field on your website. At least, that was the case for Porter Haney and Jimmy Jacobson of Wedgies, a real-time social polling platform. When The White House needed a polling platform for the 44th State of the Union Address, they reached out… Read More

How To Create GIF Polls With Wedgies and Twilio MMS

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Wedgies delivers polls wherever you need them. That could mean a scoreboard poll at the NCAA finals, a reader poll on, or a nice little embedded poll on Tumblr. The folks at Wedgies have been there and done that. Now they’re bringing their gif-laden polls to the small screen – your phone. In this post, Wedgies all-star/co-founder Jimmy Jacobson will show you how to use… Read More

#TwilioSxSW: Wedgies Launches Tumblr Integration, Expands SMS Polling

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Companies like Wedgies are bringing polling to the masses so anyone from bloggers, to journalists, to TV execs can connect with their audience and gauge sentiment in real-time.  Wedgies is now the first fully integrated polling and survey option on Tumblr. This means Tumblr’s user base of roughly 110 million can now embed polls and surveys on any one of the 94 million posts published daily,… Read More

Twilio Fund Winner Profile: Wedgies, Making Social Polling Easy and Fun w/ Twilio

“Wedgies are fun to give. And it’s fun to watch what happens after,” explains Jimmy Jacobson, co-founder of social polling service Wedgies. “But we aren’t talking about in real life wedgies, like you got in school.” Las Vegas based members, Wedgies, offers users easy, realtime social polls for the web. With Wedgies, you can share a poll on Twitter or broadcast an SMS poll to thousands… Read More

TwilioCon Gets a Wedgie, Happy Hour Tonight at Bloodhound

You can’t go wrong modelling a product after Pac Man. It’s a classic, it’s recognizable, and it’s what Jimmy Jacobson based his design on for his social polling service, Wedgies. Wedgies brings a real-time twist to social polling, and displays voting data in pie charts and bar graphs similar to designs of Pac Man and Guitar Hero. The emphasis is on making polling fun, accessible and… Read More