Use AppHarbor to Power Your Twilio App and You Could Win a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7

git push appharbor master. That’s how easy it is to deploy your apps to AppHarbor, a new company that’s revolutionizing how easy it is to deploy and host your .NET apps in the cloud. After you’ve pushed your changes, AppHarbor will build your project, run any unit tests present and publish the site when everything checks out. Not only is it the fastest way to get… Read More

PhoneTree for Windows Phone 7 Wins Twilio Netbook Contest!

PhoneTree is a group messaging application that lets someone pre-define a list of contacts on their Windows Phone 7 device, and send them all an SMS or voice message with the tap of a button. The app was written by Barranger Ridler to make it easier for those in a hectic situation (like being in labor) to quickly update friends and family and allow them to… Read More

New Developer Contest: Windows Phone 7 – Ends Sunday August 15th

Windows Phone 7 is a new smartphone platform that makes it easy for any developer to build mobile apps that leverage the .NET Framework, Silverlight and XNA. For this week’s netbook contest, we’re challenging you to build the best Windows Phone 7 application that uses Twilio. The best submission will win a netbook and $100 in Twilio credit. Getting Started You can get started building WP7… Read More