AT&T Mobile App Hackathon San Diego Recap

I had the pleasure of attending the first San Diego Mobile App Hackathon at Qualcomm Headquarters in San Diego. I was really impressed by the developer turnout, quality of speakers and overall enthusiasm for mobile development. One of the central ideas nearly everyone mentioned was using HTML5 to bring more function and consistency to mobile apps across all platforms.  The event was put on by the… Read More

Congratulations to Julian Gay, Winner of the Twilio + Kynetx Developer Contest

Congratulations to Julian Gay, the winner of the Twilio + Kynetx developer contest. Julian developed Playdate, an easy way for parents to coordinate play times with each other via SMS. Playdate works by allowing one parent to broadcast where they will be heading to play with their kids. Julian describes it as a “future check-in.” We wanted to know more about the story behind Playdate, how… Read More

Shane Jones Wins Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest with 140Call

After much debate among the judges, its finally is time to announce the winner of the Twitter + Twilio mashup contest from a couple weeks back.  To fill you in, Twilio has a developer contest every week (or two) encouraging developers to explore new use cases, integrations with other service and APIs, and creative ways to integrate voice communications with web apps.  Learn more on our… Read More

Tim Lytle Wins the Twilio + Contest with DropMail

A couple weeks ago, we ran a Twilio + developer contest that culminated with a trip to Brooklyn to co-host an API hackathon at the headquarters.  We challenged developers combine Twilio phone nad SMS functionality with’s dead simple private sharing service. A 72 hour whirlwind trip ensued, and we found ourselves immersed in the startup culture of New York City and Brooklyn’s DUMBO… Read More

TWO Winners for Last Week's Twilio + Twitter Mashup Contest

Update: You might have noticed we haven’t announced a contest category for this week yet… stay tuned, we are going to have a “mini category” for now through Sunday. For the past two weeks, we’ve challenged Twilio developers to mash up Twilio and Twitter to see how people will combine the real-time web and cloud communications.  Last week, the prize went to Wayne Dyck at the… Read More

WSDOT Twitter Voice Reports Win Netbook Contest for Twitter Mashups

This past week, we challenged Twilio developers to build mashups with Twitter to voice enable the social web for the chance to win a Dell mini Netbook in our weekly contest.  Among the fun, creative, and useful submissions one application developed by Wayne Dyck at the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) stood out as truly groundbreaking. UPDATE: The Twitter + Twilio category was so popular,… Read More

Netbook Contest Winner: News Voice International

Last week we brought back the Twilio developer contest with a new category – Twilio for the news media.  We’ve been running weekly contests for almost a year now (!) and we’re still blown away by the creative uses people find for Twilio.  This year, we’ll continue to award a Netbook on a regular basis and we will also focus on highlighting more submissions than ever… Read More