Developer Contest Winner Buzzes In One-Time Use Access Codes For Shopify Deliveries

A few weeks ago developers stepped up to the challenge of mashing Shopify API with Twilio for top e-commerce solutions just in time for the holidays. Developers submitted many fantastic hacks for the contest and as always it was difficult to pick the winners. Read more on the top three from the Shopify Hack Till You Drop. First Place: Buzzy Automated Doorman Buzzy is an automated… Read More

Announcing the Winners of the Twilio and Box Developer Contest

A couple weeks ago we partnered with our friends at cloud sharing service Box for a mashup developer contest, and we were yet again stunned by the creativity of our developer community.  Even before our announcement, some of the participants have launched and received press, making for one fiercely competitive field of contestants. The communities of both Twilio and Box rose to the occasion with vigor, showing the… Read More

Chad Smith and Mark Brenneman Win Our Startup Bus/SXSW Contest

It’s our pleasure to announce that the winners of the Startup Bus/SXSW contest are Chad Smith and Mark Brenneman. This was a big contest for us. We were looking for not only a Twilio coder, but an ambassador—someone that would tweet, blog, record video, and help the teams on the Startup Bus make amazing things in the three days they’re given. We think Chad and Mark… Read More

LA Startup Weekend Recap

This past weekend I flew down to the “Silicon Beach” for LA Startup Weekend. It was a homecoming for me, and I got to see a lot of familiar faces in the SoCal tech scene. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Startup Weekends, they’re an intense three day event where attendees sprint to form teams, come up with an idea, and get it ready… Read More

Announcing the Winners of the Twilio Google Chrome Extensions Contest

A few weeks back we let you know that Twilio was hosting a developer contest encouraging developers to build Google Chrome extensions that use the Twilio API, and Will Tran from the Twilio team even built our own Google Chrome Extension as an example to get things started. Now its time to announce not one, but TWO winners of this contest.  The winners will receive $100… Read More

Twilio for Education: Helping Students, Teachers, and Parents

We have not one, but two Twilio developer contest winners this week.  Congratulations to Levi Kennedy (right) and Carlos Pero (left), who both build Twilio applications focused on education. Both submissions help with notifications around absences; however, they’ve tackled the use case from two different perspectives: teachers communicating with students, and parents communicating with the school. by Levi Kennedy allows professors to connect with… Read More

Facebook Application Cloud Call Me Wins the Twilio + Windows Azure Developer Contest

Congratulations to Dennis Palmer, who worked right up until the deadline to deliver (just 12 minutes before midnight) Cloud Call Me – a Facebook application for calling your friends using Twilio and Azure. We were impressed to see Dennis (@CoderDennis) tweeting late at night on Sunday as he fought hard to complete his app on time, along with support from his wife Destiny (@destinypalmer).  As it… Read More