Take The Hassle Out Of Scheduling with Ready Set Work and Twilio SMS

If you’ve ever worked in a bar or a restaurant,  you know that the one constant is change. Menus, specials, and schedules are always subject to change with or without notice. Whether you’re a bar back or a business owner, it’s difficult to get in touch with staff to cover a shift, especially when you’re working with a paper schedule. Ready Set Work is hoping to… Read More

Plan Employee Shifts and Scheduling from Anywhere with When I Work

You don’t want an angry Mexican Wolf on your hands. And you definitely don’t want an angry Brown Bear on your hands. Those guys expect to be fed on time, so if a Columbus Zoo employee is late to feeding time, it’s a problem. Chad Halvorson (pictured left), CEO of When I Work, saw many businesses, such as the Columbus Zoo, spending valuable time fussing with… Read More

Build a Scheduled Reminder App with Twilio and IronWorker

Chad Arimura is a co-founder and CEO of Iron.io, makers of IronWorker, scalable background worker service, and IronMQ, hosted reliable message queue service. A web applications developer for over 15 years, Chad is a big believer in “serverless” app development. IronWorker is a great way to add scheduling capabilities to your mobile and web apps. Below is a tutorial for a simple web app Chad built that keeps… Read More

Txt2wrk Lowers Barriers to Employment With Voice Broadcasting and SMS Alerts

A long-time technology journalist joins Twilio after building her first voice broadcasting and SMS alerts app at an Oakland hackathon. The announcement for the Code for Oakland hackathon last spring immediately caught my eye for its unusual emphasis on building mobile apps for public records. I didn’t know anything about making a mobile app, but public records are my passion. So I joined about 85 other people… Read More

Create, Manage, and Share Employee Work Schedules via SMS with ReadySetWork

Joel Frisch (pictured right), Co-founder of ReadySetWork, won a free pass to the Twilio Conference in our #twiliocon Trip Contest! Here’s what he had to say about why he absolutely must come to the Twilio Conference, in 140 characters or less: Twilio is the lifeblood of our company – without it, we don’t succeed; with it, we triumph! After learning more about ReadySetWork, we couldn’t be… Read More