Canva is an online design and publishing tool that we use to empower Twilions to create branded social banners, ads, or blog headers.

How to get access to Canva

To get access, please request an Okta tile using IT’s Application Access Request and search for “Canva”. Once you have successfully submitted a request, you should see a Canva Okta tile within 24 hours. Please use SSO to access Canva Enterprise.

If you do not currently have an account to create Twilio-branded banners or ads, please watch this video and reach out to us on #mkg-brand-corecreative for further instructions.

Seats are limited, so please only reach out if you are planning on creating branded marketing assets.

Canva template guidelines

The existing Canva templates are intended to be a useful self-service tool for Twilions to edit their own copy and images on existing templates. The Brand Team has created these templates that adhere to our brand guidelines so please do not deviate too far from the existing templates.

Canva virtues
  • Customize with your own copy.
  • Create gifs for fading in texts and graphics.
  • Use brand approved photography and graphics.
  • Make a copy of the template. Do not edit the template directly.
  • Contact the Brand Team if the template doesn't fit your use case.
  • Use the appropriate brand kit for the appropriate use case.
Canva crimes
  • Move template elements around in a way that changes the layout of the template.
  • Add new text or graphics to the template.
  • Use photography or graphics that go against our brand guidelines.
  • Use colors or typography that is not in one of our brand kits.
  • Use a personal canva account to create branded assets.

To learn more about how to use Canva, please reference their learning resources here.