Video project request


New video requests require a longer timeline to produce Twilio quality videos. Depending on the length and complexity of the request, projects can take 6+ weeks from concept to completion. Please keep that timeline in mind when putting in a video request.

Please note that the Core Creative Team cannot accommodate rush project requests that require less than a 2-week turnaround time.

YouTube uploads and re-encoding requests usually have a 2-day turnaround time. 

Video Release Forms

Please keep in mind that every person who appears or speaks in a Twilio video must sign a video release form (this includes both Twilions and non-Twilions). We will not release any videos until all video release forms are signed for each video request. Please make sure your speakers/guests are aware of this before filming begins. 

Please submit the names and emails of people appearing in the video in the project request ticket. The Brand Team will send out the video release forms and inform you of the status of outstanding forms. 

Submitting a new video request

If you would like to create a new video, please submit a Workflow request through the Library.


Under “Create New” in the top right corner, select Video Project Request from the dropdown. Fill out the pop-up form with details about your project, and then click “Add”.

You have created a Video Project request. Now that the request is in the system, your next step is to complete the request and work with the Brand Team.

Filling out the request

In the first stage, Creative Brief, you will work with the producers to go over the creative brief and add or edit information before the project can be triaged to get worked on. 

After the creative brief has been finished being reviewed, the project will advance to Pre-Production. The Pre-Production phase usually starts with a kick-off call between the project stakeholder(s), Core Creative team, and vendor (if project is being outsourced) to ensure we are all aligned on the project’s objectives. Finalizing script and storyboarding (if applicable) takes place during this stage.

After the request is assigned to a vendor, it will advance to the next stage Production, when gathering assets (i.e. filming) and editing takes place.

Video project request stages


The vendor will complete the Production phase and go under Feedback stage and individual assets will be uploaded in the asset section for you to review.

Reviewing assets

As you review the assets, click through each one and leave any related comments and questions. When reviewing, look for spelling errors, color combinations, and content flow. Double-check to ensure that the correct logos and phrases are being used. If any information or details have changed, note these updates. Make sure the images and visuals are correct for their intended use.

If you require any changes to the asset, please hit “Reject asset.” If you do not need any changes to the asset, please hit “Approve asset.”

Please use the annotation tool in Bynder to submit requests for revisions. Simply click at the time in the video where the change is needed to add a comment.

reject approve video project request

After the producer makes the requested updates, the new files will be uploaded and labelled with a version number. You can use the compare function to view the assets side-by-side to see the changes.

video project approve versions

Completing the request

When all assets in the job are approved, a producer from the Brand team will submit to the next stage, Final File Delivery, which will signify final approval and send the approved assets to the Asset Bank for future use.

When assets are approved, they will be marked with a green border. When all assets are approved, the request is complete.

final file delivery approved video

When all the assets in the request are approved and marked with a green border, the designer will provide the final files for distribution.

When all assets included as part of the request have been uploaded, the request will be closed. If you need additional edits to those assets or additional new assets, please submit a new request.

The assets will also be uploaded to the Library for future reference and implementation. They become accessible to all Twilions and can be downloaded in multiple eligible file formats.

Asset bank video project


Please post your questions on Slack in #mkg-brand-corecreative