We encourage customers of all kinds to use the Twilio name and logo as an indication that their service is built using Twilio. Please use one of the official badges provided.

Powered by Twilio

Any customer using Twilio may display the ‘Powered by Twilio’ badge on their app or website. There are two versions available in multiple colors.

Download from The Library

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Usage guidelines

Please observe the following guidelines when using a Twilio badge.



Ensure that there is a clearspace around the badge equal to half the height of the badge.


Minimum size

The minimum acceptable screen size for the badge is 28px x 105px. Smaller than this is not legible.


Maximum size

The maximum acceptable screen size for the badge is 52px x 195px. Please do not use it any larger than this.

Video badge

To display a badge on a video conference screen please use the video badge which has been optimized for discreet use in that space.

Download from The Library


To learn how to add this badge to your video, please read our blog post Add an overlay to web video chat.

Usage guidelines

Please observe the following guidelines when using a Twilio video badge.


The badge is designed to be displayed at 140 px x 32 px. Please do not display the badge any smaller than this as it will become illegible.


The badge uses black and white transparencies. It blends into any scene and remains visible on most surfaces.


Place the badge in the bottom right corner of your video. Maintain a margin of 8 pixels from the right and the bottom of the badge.

Logo pairing

We do not permit our logo to be displayed alongside other logos without explicit permission. Please observe the following guidelines in permitted cases.

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  • Scale the logos so that they have the same weight visually.
  • Provide sufficient distance between the logos. The width of the Twilio logomark is a good reference point.
  • Center the logos horizontally.
  • Provide sufficient space on all side of the Twilio logo. Do not infringe on the logo clearspace.

Partner branding

Twilio partners and event sponsors are responsible for making sure that their use of Twilio brands, logos, domain names, and creative assets their own branding and marketing materials, press releases, and online assets and communications are consistent with our Partner Branding Guidelines, as well as Twilio’s current Legal Policies and all applicable intellectual property laws.

Please reference our Partner Branding Guidelines for more details

Co-branding virtues
  • Display your appropriate badge proudly
  • Be conscious of legibility
  • Be conscious of space and placement
Co-branding crimes
  • Do not imply an inaccurate or misleading relationship with Twilio
  • Do not alter the badge color
  • Do not alter the badge text
  • Do not recreate the badge
  • Do not produce co-branded swag