Our logo is often the first and most memorable interaction someone will have with our brand. It has been precisely drawn for optimum visual balance. It is critical that the correct logo file be used to our specifications described below.

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Logo color

The preferred color for our logo is Twilio Red on a white background. If the background is any color except white or very light tones, the white version of the logo is used.

Logo clearspace

Clearspace is the empty area around the logo that ensures legibility and a degree of respect. Always observe the minimum clearspace and avoid placing any words or objects within that space.


Our official tagline is ‘The customer engagement platform’. The tagline may appear to the right of the logo or it may appear stacked beneath the logo. Choose the arrangement that works best for your use case.

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Logo Crimes
  • Don’t modify or distort the logo in any way.
  • Don’t use any color for the logo except those provided.
  • Don’t use the red logo on any color except white.
  • Don’t use the logo as part of an illustration or word.
  • Don’t crowd the logo.

Twilio product logos

Each Twilio product has its own logo. These logos must only be used to indicate their product. Do not abbreviate product names. Never use these logos to represent generic categories.

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Product logo container

Product logos may be displayed with or without a containing shape.

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Twilio product logo clearspace

Observe the required minimum clearspace of a product logo.

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Product logo lockups

When introducing a product for the first time, we recommend including the product name. Always use the official lockup proportions and spacing.

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Product Logo Virtues
  • Use full product names.
  • Use the correct logo to represent a product.
  • Observe adequate clearspace.
Product Logo Crimes
  • Don't modify or distort the logo in any way. 
  • Don't use a product logo for a generic category. 
  • Don't use a Streamline icon or a generic icon to represent a product.
  • Don't abbreviate product names.

Programs and teams

All Twilio programs, properties, and teams use a standard lockup of the Twilio logo and Twilio Sans Text.

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Program logo usage

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Brand Site Created with Sketch.
Brand Site Created with Sketch.
Program Logo Crimes
  • Don't modify or distort the logo in anyway. 
  • Don't make a non-approved logo. 
  • Don't alter the logo. 
  • Don't crowd the logo.