We use photography to tell the stories of our customers and to provide a face for our technology.


Customer photos

We want customers to appear like idealized versions of their natural selves. They are our heroes, and we present them heroically.

Customer photo guidelines
  • Strong highlights and shadows
  • High level of detail
  • Subject looking away from camera
  • Simple clothing style (no graphic tees or complex patterns)
  • Isolate the subject by shooting against a green screen


Mixing illustration and photography

We mix illustration and photography to create dynamic, branded assets. We want to evoke that Twilio is energizing and powering our customers’ visions. The illustration is expressive and abstract. It complements the colors and composition of the photograph.

The image above illustrates how visual elements can be combined in a single image. Always consider the context of a photograph to determine if it is necessary or appropriate to add illustrated elements. In a busy environment or one with many branded elements, it is advisable to use restraint.

Stock photography

Frequently we must use stock photography. Follow these guidelines to select aesthetically pleasing and on-brand imagery.











Diversity and inclusion

We are dedicated to building an environment that is welcoming to all people regardless of personal identity. To that end, we encourage the use of images that authentically represent healthy diversity.

Recommended stock photo resources

Internal image library

Brand approved company photos of employees, offices, events, and customers.

iStock Signature

Signature is our preferred stock photography collection. Images are affordable and high-quality. 


A huge range of stock imagery ranging from high-quality to cornball. Use discretion.


Generally high-quality and license free stock photos. Some are too heavily stylized. You are likely to see them all over the internet.

Photography virtues
  • Only use images from trusted sources
 (ie not Flickr or Google Image search)
  • Choose images that have a clear focal point
Choose images that appear natural
 and unstaged
  • Choose images that evoke our brand values
  • Represent a healthy diversity
Photography crimes
  • Never use unlicensed images

  • Never pull images from a Google search
 or Flickr
  • Avoid images that are negative
Avoid images that are cliche

  • Avoid heavily-stylized images