Typography is a nuanced craft. When all the elements are aligned, ideas are clearer, paragraphs are easier to read, and pages are more scannable. Our brand font is Whitney. It was originally designed as the proprietary typeface of the Whitney Museum in New York. It is beautiful and functional at all scales.

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Font stack

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We no longer use Knockout for any brand communications.


We use Whitney Book for all body copy and Whitney Medium for headers. Additional weights of Whitney may be used where appropriate. Visit the Whitney website for good tips on how best to use Whitney.

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When the edge of a t.png

centered text is ref.png

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it is unnecessary.png

Whitney is a beautif.png

There are many san s.png

Presentation and email fonts

Font choices in sharable documents like Google Slides and in emails are limited.  In both of these cases we use Helvetica Neue as a substitute for Whitney. These are the only places that we use a font other than Whitney for brand messaging. Helvetica Neue is available as a system font on your computer. 

Helvetica Neue, Helv Created with Sketch. Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif

Code snippets

Stay tuned! Styles are in development.


Whitney supports the Greek, Cyrillic, as well as the Roman alphabet. However, for other languages we have chosen fonts that pair well with Whitney. If you need font support for a language that is not included here, please contact the brand team.


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Traditional Chinese

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Simplified Chinese

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Accessibility and typography

We are committed to following AA standard contrast ratios. Consider the scale and weight of the font as well as the background contrast.

Check your font accessibility
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Type virtues
  • Keep it simple.
  • Give your typography room to breathe.
  • Use fewer fonts.
  • Use sentence case.

  • Make your lines 55-75 characters long.
Type crimes
  • Never distort or compress a typeface.

  • Never use Whitney Condensed or Fira for body copy.

  • Do not use all caps for main headers.