Typography is a nuanced craft. When all the elements are aligned, ideas are clearer, paragraphs are easier to read, and pages are more scannable. Twilio Sans is our company typeface. It can be big and bold or quiet and functional. It feels as natural in a code terminal as a billboard. It is welcoming, utilitarian, and unapologetically Twilio.

To learn more about how to use the new typeface, please reference the guidelines here and check out our Twilio Sans Guidelines Webinar.


To learn more about how to use the new typeface, please reference the guidelines here and check out our Twilio Sans Guidelines Webinar.

Rollout Prioritization

The Core Creative Team is rolling out Twilio Sans across all brand properties over the course of the next year. Our prioritization schedule shares our roadmap of each branded asset/property.


Please note that this is an estimated timeline and is subject to change.

Presentation and email fonts

Font choices in shareable documents like Google Slides and in emails are limited. In Google workspaces, use Open Sans. For emails, use Helvetica Neue which is already available as a system font on your computer. These are the only places that we use a font other than Twilio Sans for brand messaging.


Twilio Sans supports languages that use the Roman alphabet, including Vietnamese and Indonesian. For Japanese, Korean, and Japanese we use Source Han Sans, which is an open source typeface that pairs well with Twilio Sans. If you need font support for a language that is not included here, please contact the Core Creative team.


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Traditional Chinese

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Simplified Chinese

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When can other typefaces be used?

While Twilio Sans is our primary brand font and is closely associated with our brand, there are a few circumstances when it may be appropriate to use other typefaces. In all situations when the primary purpose of the typography is the communication of written content for the Twilio brand, every effort should be made to use Twilio Sans. The decision of when it is appropriate to use an alternative typeface is solely at the discretion of the Core Creative team.

Twilio sub-brands

Sub-brands such as TwilioQuest, SIGNAL, or Cloud City have their own unique brand typefaces and associated usage guidelines.

Typographic illustration

When typography is used expressively to illustrate an idea it is permissible to explore alternatives to Twilio Sans or custom lettering to enhance the concept. Some examples of this type of project include apparel, stickers, posters, animated gifs, or book covers.

Accessibility and typography

We are committed to following AA standard contrast ratios. Consider the scale and weight of the font as well as the contrast between the color of the text and background.

Check your font accessibility
Type virtues
  • Keep layouts simple.
  • Give your typography room to breathe.
  • Use the right fonts for the right job.
  • Use sentence case for all headers and titles.
  • Use Gray-100 or white most of the time.
  • Make your lines 55-75 characters long.
Type crimes
  • Use all caps
  • Center-align text.
  • Right-align text.
  • Unnecessary hierarchy.
  • Adjust tracking outside of the guidelines.
  • Use display font for body copy and captions.
  • Use mono fonts for paragraphs.
  • Misalign or justify text blocks.