How do I use this guide?

We consider our brand to be one of our most valuable assets. The guidelines and resources on this site help you understand how to present the Twilio brand in a consistent way so that our customers can have the best experience. 

If you need to find branded assets like icons, photographs, or illustrations, visit our Getting Started with The Library page or visit The Library. There you will find everything that is currently available. The Twilio Brand Designers are constantly adding new assets, so check back regularly.

If you want to understand how to make the best use of our assets there are two places you can look. The Elements section outlines the core pieces of our brand and how to use them. The Production section goes into greater depth on how to produce more complex assets like campaigns, videos, and swag.

Do you have branded assets for my region?

Twilio is rapidly expanding around the world and we work hard to localize content to be relevant for each region. It is important, however, to recognize that our brand voice and visual styles do not change in different regions. If you need to produce localized branded content for your region, please submit a ticket and the Brand Team will ensure that your assets are produced inline with the Twilio Brand.

I don’t see what I need, can I request something new?

If you have a project request, please submit a Workflow ticket in the Library. Please note that all projects, regardless of type and category, should be submitted for assessment and triage.

I have an agency that I’ve worked with before, can I use them?

We are always looking to expand our approved vendor network. Please submit your vendor for approval and they will be reviewed by our Brand Team. For more information on this process please visit this page.

Can I give unbranded gifts to my team?

Unbranded Gifts are defined as items without the Twilio logomark (aka The Bug), the word Twilio, Twilio products, or Twilio illustrations on it. There are no Brand restrictions on unbranded gifts. All Twilio-branded swag must adhere to Brand Standards.

Where can I find the Twilio logo?

You can download all Twilio logos from The Library. Please review the logo guidelines prior to use.

Can the Twilio logo be used to promote Twilio product integration?

Yes. To indicate that your communications are powered by Twilio, please use the Powered by Twilio badge and follow the guidelines. For more information please contact The Brand Team.

Can the Twilio logo be used by Twilio partners?

Yes. Please follow the Partner Branding Guidelines. Contact our Partners team for more information.

Can the Twilio logo be used for product or service endorsements (ie Twilio endorses x product or service)?

No. The Twilio logo may not be used to imply an endorsement of a product or service. For more information please read our Trademark Usage Guidelines. If you would like to request an exemption, please contact The Brand Team.

Can the Twilio logo be used in third-party advertising?

No. We do not permit the use of the Twilio logo in third-party advertising. For more information please read our Trademark Usage Guidelines.

Can the Twilio logo be used in a diagram?

Yes. If you need to represent the role of Twilio in a diagram, it is recommended to use the Twilio logomark. Please observe our logo guidelines. For more information, please contact The Brand Team.

Can I put the Twilio logo on swag?

No. You are not permitted to create swag with the Twilio logo on it. All company swag must be ordered through the Twilio Swag Catalog. Please visit this page for more information.

How do I create an email signature?

To use pre-made email signatures, please go to this Okta tile.

If you need a new email signature created, visit the Email Signature production page and follow the directions for working with the Core Creative team and the engineering team.


How do I report a brand violation?

To report a brand violation, please Slack the #mkg-brand channel.

What is up with the owls?

At Twilio, we have a saying that goes ‘draw the owl’. It means, ‘don’t expect an instruction manual, figure it out and get it done.’ Over the years, we have used different owl imagery for internal events, t-shirt graphics, murals, and stickers. However, the owl is not a Twilio mascot and is not formally part of our brand.

You are free to use owl imagery for internal Twilio audiences, but, with limited exceptions, we do not use owl imagery for audiences outside of the company. The reason we limit the display of owls is that, while it is a fun device for employees that reinforces our company culture, it contains little relevance to an audience outside the company.

Is the Twilio logo a coat button?

No it is not.

Do we have a library of photos/illustrations/videos/icons?

Yes. You can find all approved assets by visiting The Library.

Where can I find the latest Google Slides template?

Please find the template tile on The Library Dashboard.

Can I get the Twilio SendGrid and Segment logos?

Yes, you can search for the Twilio SendGrid and Segment logos on The Library.

Can I get the Twilio logo in a higher resolution? I need it in ‘x’ size and ‘x’ format.

Yes, please reach out to the mkg-brand-corecreative Slack channel.

Can I get an image to share on social media?

We have specific guidelines and processes hosted on our Wiki focused on how to use social media to promote Twilio.

I have access to The Library, but I arrive at a 404 page when I click on Workflow. How do I get access?

The Okta tile gives you access to The Library, but you’ll need to request Workflow access by adding your name and email to this Request Workflow Access document. A Brand team member will upgrade your access.