Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

ISV customers can now view additional brand registration information for any Secondary Brand they are registering for US A2P 10DLC. On the successful registration of an A2P brand, customers can view this additional information when using the GET Brand Registration API.

“russell_3000” is returned ‘true’ by TCR when the brand is verified as a Russell 3000 brand.

“tax_exempt_status” returns the verified tax-exempt status of a US-based nonprofit brand, such as ‘501c3’, as verified by TCR. Otherwise, this is returned as ‘N/A’.

“skip_automatic_sec_vet” is returned 'true' for ISV customers who choose to skip automated secondary vetting for a secondary brand.

You can find more details for these in ISV Onboarding API docs.