Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

We have updated all Flex projects that use Automatic Updates to Flex UI 1.27.

This release of Flex UI includes a public beta for Real-Time Queue Monitoring. This feature displays real-time metrics that are useful for managing queues during the day. We have added new default metrics - number of handled customers, number of abandoned customers, and SLA. The SLA shows the percentage of waiting customers that were connected to an agent within a desired target time. Developers can programmatically add additional metrics to extend this dashboard.

Real-Time Queue Monitoring can be enabled from the Flex Features page.

For more information check our documentation. Check how to enhance and customize queues monitoring programmatically.

For more details on this release, please visit the release notes for Flex UI.

Reminder: You can pin to individual versions of the Flex UI or manage your Automatic Updates within the Flex Admin UI.